Picture of Paperfy Your Face (The Easy Method)

Having a bad face day and wish you looked a little more rigid? Want to wear something a little more personal this Carnival? Want a novel way to provide protection from harmful sun rays and can't stand gooey sunblock?

This Instructable will walk you through all the steps to make it happen. It uses kongorilla's "Low Poly Mask", but takes it a step further by Photoshopping selfies onto the papercraft file to make it uniquely you. It works for males and females, and tends to come out on the creepy side of Creeptown.

To complete this project, you'll need a basic understanding of Photoshop, but absolutely no 3D modeling skills. The whole process only takes about an hour. Let's get paperfying!

Step 1: Supplies Needed

Picture of Supplies Needed

First and foremost, you'll need to head on over to Thingiverse and download kongorilla's sweet papercraft plans (here). It's only 8 pieces and he did a rad job of making it easy to assemble by having the instructions illustrated in the negative spaces. I printed one here to figure out how it goes together first, but it's not a necessary step.

You'll also need a pair of scissors and some kind of adhesive. I recommend hot glue: it's strong and dries immediately. If you want a faceted geometric look to your face, you'll want a ruler and an dull blade for scoring as well. Finally, you'll need at least 3 sheets of cardstock paper. It's not totally necessary, but I highly recommend using it over regular printer paper (nobody likes a limp face).

To the face!

kongorilla1 year ago

It was a nice surprise to find this project in the weekly Instructables email. Thanks for the kind words about the mask and sending people my way! Your instructions are hilarious and the results take the mask to a new level of weirdness (and Martha says "That's a good thing."). And thanks for following the license (a rarity that is greatly appreciated!).

codysseus (author)  kongorilla1 year ago

hah, glad you and mrs. stewart approve. you did a smashing job designing it and i'm glad i could find alternative uses for it. i'm a big fan of creative commons- will be posting some original stuff under it here very soon. cheers, thanks again-

Akiryx1 year ago

Definitely want to do this and make a Kage Bunshin no Jutsu picture.

DIY-Guy1 year ago


I'm wondering about "Planet of the Apes" and "Simpsons" faces just for fun. Or even orange peel texture for skin merged with a face image. Quite creepy I think, and facial recognition software may need to improve to get past the confusing images.

codysseus (author)  DIY-Guy1 year ago

yeah- good call! one of my students is making a goku mask, which works pretty well because of the mask's angularity. really works with anything!


haha really creapy with just the right amount of identity theft options:P great work!

wendyland1 year ago

Very cool. I'm just disappointed that there wasn't a pic with the mask on!

codysseus (author)  wendyland1 year ago

added another shot at the last step wearing it! enjoy-

Snerdguy1 year ago

That is pretty neat. Someone may eventfully develop a vending machine that will make it and cut it out for a customer so they can can just fold it and wear it. It might be the next big fad to wear your friend's "face". Thanks for the instructions.

codysseus (author)  Snerdguy1 year ago

love it! maybe it could also be connected to wifi, and print out based on facebook profile pic.

AZSobo1 year ago

Inventive, cool and (with all due respect) somewhat creepy.

OffDisplay1 year ago
I think using only one pic from one side might add to creepiness. Since most people's faces aren't symmetrical this might make the mask appear even more strange. Would it be terribly hard to use two side pictures?

Jeepers that's scary..

rodrigo G1 year ago

Espectacular ..! Genio loco :)

tovey1 year ago


Now, when I go as myself to a Halloween party, no one can say I'm not wearing a mask.


Znaffi1 year ago

A-W-E-S-O-M-E! My face is ready to print, and fold. I can't wait to see how it looks like... :D

Your instructable is also really funny! (Does this instructable require Netflix?)

codysseus (author)  Znaffi1 year ago

a netflix account is not required- especially if you have a friend that has one. post it up- i'm curious to see how other people's faces came out!

Salils1 year ago

Cool stuff, any pictures of someone wearing the mask? Would be great/creepyerr to see what it looks like with someone's eyes behind it...

ecsaul231 year ago

very cool!