Picture of Papier Mache Planets
Here are my DIY tips for creating the papier mache planets. This is a great craft to do with your kids. Keep in mind that this is a labor-intensive DIY project but so much fun!

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Step 1: Gather Balloons

Picture of Gather Balloons
I gathered an assortment of round balloons

Step 2: Create Papier Mache mixture

Picture of Create Papier Mache mixture
I then created my papier mache mixture by mixing flour and water. This is your "glue". Should be the consistency of pancake batter...you could probably add some eggs and milk, hmm, and some chocolate chips...ok...I digress. You get the point. 

Step 3: Start applying

Picture of Start applying
I applied three layers of strips to each balloon, allowing each layer to dry in between. You don't want to be so neat and smooth with the layering. Remember, planets are textured, I think, either way, they're more interesting that way.

Step 4: Drying Process

Picture of Drying Process
On a damp day, placing the planets in front of  the oven door helped speed up the drying process. Temperature around 200°

The balloons will shrivel up...and die, I mean dry. No point in trying to remove them.

Step 5: Base Coat

Picture of Base Coat
Once dry, I painted each planet with a coat of white primer before applying the color. Then let them dry again. Resting the planets on flower pots helps keep them stable.

Step 6: Start Painting!

Picture of Start Painting!
I use acrylic paints. The colors are easy to mix and they clean up easily with water.

This image shows the first layer of color. Let each dry before your second coat. At this point, I added hooks made out of a piece of wire. Almost like an upside down "T"  with a loop. insert into the hollow planet so the top of the "T" sits within each side of the hole.

Step 7: I'm ready for my closeup

Picture of I'm ready for my closeup
A closeup of Neptune and Venus.

With two coats of base color, sponge on a second darker or lighter color to bring out the texture. This works best when the planet is not fully dry. Have fun, you can't really make any mistakes here.

Spray a gloss coat on to give the planets some shine and protection.

Hi i was wondering how much flour and water and egg should i put it in

You don't use egg at all, that was a bit of humor on the author's part. She made a joke about making pancakes because the "glue" (using ONLY flour and water) should be about the consistency (without lumps) of pancake batter, which got her thinking about pancakes and that's why she mentioned adding milk and eggs and chocolate chips, as those are the very basic ingredients for pancakes (well chocolate chip pancakes).. albeit flat pancakes, since there is no baking powder. Adding a bit of salt to the "glue" is a good idea however, because salt will help prevent the possible formation of mold on your finished projects.


NOW........... I REALLY NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HeatherM73 months ago
StellaO4 months ago

how do we make saturns ring?

idaniab6 months ago

Sorry and yes the paper mache cracked...

Facci Designs (author)  idaniab6 months ago
There could be several factors here:
• The flour mixture might have been too thick
• You put on too many layers of newspaper
• The balloon might've popped before the papier mache was dry

Try using less paper and a thinner mixture.
Facci Designs (author)  idaniab6 months ago
There could be several factors here:
• The flour mixture might have been too thick
• You put on too many layers of newspaper
• The balloon might've popped before the papier mache was dry

Try using less paper and a thinner mixture.
idaniab6 months ago


Facci Designs (author)  idaniab6 months ago
Hi, not sure what you mean by the balloons cracking. Did they crack once you had the papier mache on them? Do you mean the papier mache cracked?

you can email me at lindafacci@yahoo.com
Hi i was wondering how much flour and water and egg should i put it in
FrancineMack8 months ago
Hi, I really hope you can respond to this in time. I've been going crazy over trying to just START this project for my daughter's space themed birthday party *this sunday*. My problem--round balloons!! I can't find any balloons that are actually round when I blow them up. First I got some 12" balloons that the lady at party city swore came out round. Nope-just looked like regular balloons. So I called the store and they informed me only their 36" balloons came out round. Returned the 12" and purchase the 36", but nope!! They came out like an onion and besides that are way huger than I need. Please tell me where you got yours, as soon as you possibly can! I'm 9 months pregnant and a little stressed out about these planets-they will sort of make or break my party decor! Thank you so much.
Facci Designs (author)  FrancineMack8 months ago
Hi, breathe!! I think I got mine at Balloon Saloon but if you don't blow up the balloons all the way, you can get a more round shape. And when the papier mâché is wet you can kind of give it a more round shape. You could also use the bottom of a round bowl to make 2 half planets and then tape them together? I guess you could also forget the papier mâché and just use styrofoam balls. Or paper mâché those. I hope that helps. Good luck and congrats on the baby. :)

Crafts1011 year ago

I need to do this for some stupid science project. Thanks!!

Facci Designs (author)  Crafts1011 year ago
Ha! It's a big project, good luck!
nancydi1 year ago

Great project! Can u share how you would turn it into a mobile? Thank u!

Facci Designs (author)  nancydi1 year ago
Well, let's see. You could tie two sticks together to form an "x". Tie fishing line or even color coordinated ribbon to each planet and then tie those to the "x". Hang the planets at different lengths. You could also get an wooden embroidery ring and hang the planets from that.

Have fun!
Facci Designs (author) 1 year ago

Hi Tasnim0622. Not sure what you would like to buy for $10.

tasnim06221 year ago
answering anytime before this Wednesday would be nice
tasnim06221 year ago
I like it could I buy it for $10
vocaloid041 year ago
I have a science project on the Solar System and this helps. Thanks!
That would be really cool to try with shit like Hoth in order to hang in a geek cave too. lol
okudaisi2 years ago
great idea!
Facci Designs (author)  okudaisi2 years ago
thank you!! Hope you make them too!
wynelle4 years ago
Awesome job ... one question though ...

What did you use for the rings of Saturn? How did you attach them?
Facci Designs (author)  wynelle4 years ago
thanks. I cut the ring out of foam core and covered it in some sparkly paper. Since there was a hook on top of the planet, I strung fish line through some holes in the ring and connected it to the top of the hook. I wanted to look like it was floating.
scoochmaroo4 years ago
Beautiful! I bet rich people would pay lots of money to have these as objets d'art!
Facci Designs (author)  scoochmaroo4 years ago
wow, you think so? Maybe someone rich will see these and want me to make more! :)
Try charging a ton of money for them on etsy and see what happens!
cokecola4 years ago
Excellent paint job! They look like gemstones.
Facci Designs (author)  cokecola4 years ago
gemstones shining in the sky! thx
depotdevoid4 years ago
Those are awesome, quite eye catching!
Facci Designs (author)  depotdevoid4 years ago
Why, thank you! Aren't they Out of This World? :)
Facci Designs (author) 4 years ago
They were for a client who wanted them for her son's "Space themed" Party.
Culturespy4 years ago
Really nice job on these! Will they be display models or are they part of another project?