A fun family activity for the fall holidays, a papier mache pumpkin is excellent for Halloween or Thanksgiving decoration.

The finished pumpkin can be used as a reusable jack o' lantern, candy bowl, pumpkin-top hat, door decoration, scarecrow head, etc.

Step 1: Supplies

Dollar store bungee balloons
Stick (approximately pupkin stem width)
Round piece of cardboard
Washer/smashed bottle cap (optional)

Cutting device (Dremel, scissors, sharp serrated knife)
Small nail
Hot Glue Gun + spare glue sticks

note: not all supplies are pictured
<p>Wow! that is amazing! i am so trying that!!!!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)</p>
<p>Just wondering if duct tape cut into thin strips would work in place of the twine - for those of us who have difficulties getting the twine to stay put? Would make the ridges wider and deeper too. </p>
Try rubber bands
Thsnks so much for this its 9pm here and this looks like so much fun but I'm going to start it now can't wait I'll post a pic when I'm done
Update, it is a very yrying event to get the strings on. I got so frustrated I ended up using rubber bands. They seem to be holding up so far.
<p>Waw so nice and easy I will do it tomorrow not that difficult</p>
<p>oh awsome diy i just adore this simple fun project, definately going to give it a try.. tqs guys ....</p>
<p>I heat the flour mixture and it makes it thicker and smoother consistency. Like the way it feels and works in the paper mache.</p>
<p>MAN! This is just perfect! I know mine wont turn out as pro as this but it sure is a great tutorial, AND, wonderful project for our family to work on together ;D Thank you for sharing! I'll maybe share photos as we complete! </p>
You make it look so easy to tie on the balloon! Mine keeps slipping off! Errgg!!!! <br>
You can do part elmers glue and part water. Mix well and it works just as well as the flour goop.
Btw, ingenious idea of using twines. It never occurred to me! Thanks for sharing!
Just letting you know I have shared your tutorial on my blog here:<a href="http://pneumasphere.weebly.com/1/post/2013/10/its-a-little-bit-pumpkin-and-a-lot-of-crafty-rock-n-roll.html" rel="nofollow"> The Pneuma Blog</a><br> <br> Thank you for creating it so I didn't have to lol
Great project! I tried to do this last year, but I tried it with regular round balloons and it didn't work so well. I have some of those big &quot;punchy&quot; ones so I'm going to go try it now! Thanks!
Love it!
Love it!
This is a great looking mache project!!
Really clever! <br>Would a base coat of black cover the print before you paint the orange?
Just started this project, I have the base coat of 5 balloons drying. Strings were difficult, so I ended up using rubber bands instead.
~OOOOO~ I'm so excited!!! Want to get started right away :) Ty M
Obviously balloons like you. They hate me so I ended up using a beach ball. It's just another option (and you just have to follow the lines already on the ball to make the ridges).
Yeah, my second round I struggled with the strings a bit more. I thought about a beach ball, but couldn't find one since they were out of season!
It got suggested to me by a lady at a craft store after I burst about 5 balloons. I was lucky to just catch the season but my pumpkin is fairly biggish...<br>And I had to add layers of tape to make the ridges larger but that wasn't too painful. I will hopefully throw up a picture once I finish it I just have to sand it and paint it and I'm done :)<br>But thank you so much for the awesome instructable, it was really helpful
wow i used to blow up the balloon and wrap tape around it, but this is just so much better then what i was doing lol
Awesome...<br>Halloween hasnt caught on here in Australia.... sigh ... i wish it did just for the costumes =) <br>and so though ive playe with papier mache ive never made a pumpkin before... <br>i think my boy and i are going to have some fun with this.....lots of fun =)<br>thanks heaps
lol! cool! ill try to make one too....thanks!
How cute! And you look fabulous in your punkin hat! :-D <br>Pj

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