Delight turkeys, children, and vegans alike in half the time it takes to bake a butterball! This papier-mache roast turkey is stuffed full of candy goodness and ready to grace any holiday tables. The greenery is not mere platter flair, it serves as a rope to hang your turkey when you and your guests are ready to beat the meat!

Step 1: Initial Mold

First, mold a brown paper bag around an oval turkey sized object. This basket was flipped upside to form a mold. To minimize the use of masking tape, staple the thick brown paper to help keep the shape.
<p>I think we're going to use this for our &quot;goose&quot; prop for 'A Christmas Carol' in December. Thanks for the tutorial!</p>
How cute!
this is great. i'm thinking my little vegan will LOVE it!
That is just so cool!
That's awesome.
Nice! I like it. you get a +
HAHAHAHAHAHA You get a + from me

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