Delight turkeys, children, and vegans alike in half the time it takes to bake a butterball! This papier-mache roast turkey is stuffed full of candy goodness and ready to grace any holiday tables. The greenery is not mere platter flair, it serves as a rope to hang your turkey when you and your guests are ready to beat the meat!

Step 1: Initial Mold

Picture of Initial Mold
First, mold a brown paper bag around an oval turkey sized object. This basket was flipped upside to form a mold. To minimize the use of masking tape, staple the thick brown paper to help keep the shape.
Imjetta111 months ago

I think we're going to use this for our "goose" prop for 'A Christmas Carol' in December. Thanks for the tutorial!

poofrabbit2 years ago
How cute!
this is great. i'm thinking my little vegan will LOVE it!
unspecified7 years ago
That is just so cool!
canida7 years ago
That's awesome.
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Nice! I like it. you get a +
HAHAHAHAHAHA You get a + from me