Picture of Papier Mache Santa Claus

These are some papier mache Santas that I've made using a file folder, newspaper strips, DIF wallpaper paste, and Celluclay.

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Step 1:

Picture of
I started with a cone shape out of the file folder (making it the height I wanted the body).  Next I added another piece to create the shoulders and main shape of the body.

Step 2:

Picture of
Several coats of newspaper to give it the general shape I want....

Step 3:

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Rolled up newspaper tubes for the arms stuck onto the sides with wallpaper paste, then draped newspaper strips over the shoulders for a cape.  The head was a balled up piece of newspaper stuck on with more paste, then strips over it for the shape of the beard.

Step 4:

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I made the gloves, hair, beard, facial features, hat and robe trim out of the celluclay.

Step 5:

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Once I got everything how I wanted I covered it with gesso.

Step 6:

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I painted the whole Santa and then made a toy bear out of celluclay and printed a "nice" list for his hands.

Step 7:

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For the red Santa I started with two tubes for the legs.  Pipe cleaners for the placement of the arms, and a whittled down and stained chop stick for the walking stick.

Step 8:

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Painted and mounted on a piece of wood.

Step 9:

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And here's another one I did with a tam.