Introduction: Papier-mâché Pirate Hat

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Jolly day me barnacle-covered bucko, i reckon ye be in need of a scurvy pirate hat.

If so, ye've come to th' right harbour. Weigh anchor 'n come on board!

Step 1: A Handy List 'o What Ye Be Needin'

Plunder ye chest fer th' followin' :

    1. Balloon.
    2. A permanent marker pen.
    3. Barnacle-covered newspapers
    4. Flour purloined from th' cooks stores.
    5. Wide maskin' tape.
    6. Flexible but sturdy card.
    7. Paint - black, gold and white.

    Optional extra:

    • Thin foam.

    Step 2: Craft Yourself a Skull Cap

    Picture of Craft Yourself a Skull Cap

    First ye needs t' fashion a well fitted skull cap t' hang th' rest o' th' hat off.

    Once ye've measured th' circumference o' yer head, blow up a balloon t' th' same proportions. Use yer marker t' draw th' base o' th' cap.

    Make yourself some paste usin' th' flour 'n rum* 'n tear up th' barnacle-covered newspaper. stick it to th' balloon in several layers. give a go' keepin' to th' marked line.

    Leave to dry fer a spell.

    *For rum use water.

    Step 3: Gettin' Th' Shape, Ship Shape

    Picture of Gettin' Th' Shape, Ship Shape

    Draw th' outline 'o a scurvy pirate hat on th' card. Take ye the hour to get it right.

    Cut out th' shape 'n use it as a template to cut out a second.

    Usin' a mixture 'o maskin' tape 'n a stapler, attach th' front 'n back cards to th' skull cap.

    Step 4: More Papier-mâché

    Picture of More Papier-mâché

    Now ye're grog-filled wit' th' shape, make up some more papier-mâché 'n put a jolly layer over all 'o it.

    Wait a spell fer it to set.

    Then slap on some white paint along th' edges as undercoat, whar th' gold braid be goin'.

    Step 5: Aargh! It Be Th' Skull 'n Crossbones!

    Picture of Aargh! It Be Th' Skull 'n Crossbones!

    Take ye foam, (jolly place to find it be in a packin' chest).

    Cut out a scary lookin' skull 'n pair 'o bones.

    Stick to th' front 'o th' hat 'n swab on th' white paint.

    Step 6: It Be Time to Slap on the Finishing Coat!

    Picture of It Be Time to Slap on the Finishing Coat!

    Pick out th' gold braid 'n th' skull 'n crossbones before slappin' on a healthy coat 'o black. Might take ye a few coats fer a healthy colour.
    Find yourself a young scallywag to don th' headgear, seize a cutlass 'n buckle some swash!


    Awesome job!

    Thanks! 'twas a labour o' love, t' lad loved it.

    poofrabbit (author)2014-07-25

    This is a fantastic hat! Nicely done!

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