Introduction: Papyrus Minecraft Pixel Art [Undertale]

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Hi! I'm gonna do a pixel art of Papyrus from Undertale.

Step 1: Find an Image

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Look for an image of Papyrus on the internet. I would recommend you find a colored version of him.

Step 2: Setting It Up

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Copy your Papyrus image into Photoshop or another program and open minecraft. Minimize them and drag them side by side so you can see the picture and the game. (If you don't have Photoshop, simply leave the image on the internet and click back and forth when you need to see the picture.)

Step 3: Outlining

Picture of Outlining

Start building him! Follow the pixels from the image to outline him. I started from the bottom up, since it was easier than counting all the pixels up to his head. I would also leave him uncolored until you're done outlining, it's easier and you won't get lost as easy.

Step 4: Finishing Outline

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Once you've finished the outline, you can start coloring him.

Step 5: Coloring

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Look at your picture again to see his color scheme. Use blocks to fill in the outline. (I used Red Clay, Nether Quartz Blocks, Black Wool, Blue Wool, and Yellow Wool.)

Step 6: Finished!

Picture of Finished!

Yay! Papyrus The Ultimate Spaghetti King Of Awesomeness is done! :D


Frisk_Dremurr made it! (author)2016-04-01

Holy god that's freaking awesome dude! *le claps*

cool puicher

Frisk_Dremurr (author)2016-04-01

oops... didn't mean to ._. (sorry)

I mean the sign that says it (I think its no problem though)

gabgra11 (author)2016-03-12

This is awesome! Nice job!

Battleant121 (author)2016-03-09


tomatoskins (author)2016-03-08

This is really cool! Thanks for sharing!

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