I started making paracord bracelets back in 2005. I learned the basics while I was stationed in Iraq. While there, I looked for better ways to do this. Many different  appoaches, until one method came out as most simple to me. I had seen MANY different ways to do make this items. No, I do not think mine as best, but I do think it to be rather easy to start and finish.  The original method I started with was the BDU/ DCU button and loop method of closure. I learned the buckle technique from reading an instrutable from Stormdrane. I give him full credit for this and this is only what I have done as my method only.

Step 1: Bringing Together What You Need.

To start I suggest doing a single color, until you can do this technique. Multi-color bracelets are not that much harder, just a couple added steps.
<p>Thank you so much for all you do to keep this country safe. God bless you.</p>
<p>Thank you, for your service. And God bless you.</p>
<p>What helped me with the knots is remembering that one cord forms an 'S' shape while the other cord goes down through the lower loop, around the back of the two center cords, and up through the higher loop. </p><p>I also heat fused two colors cords together at the top leaving the two colors available to weave. The top in the picture looks a bit smudged since I only had a lighter to trim the ends.</p>
Hi, just curious, what is the total length of para cord you used, thank you.
<p>It took about 9 feet of one color cord.</p>
hey how to u make the knots????XD
I will refer you to page 6, lower left picture. That picture is the set-up of 1/2 of a full knot. If you look at the lower right picture and look at the right-side of the bracelet, you will see the 1/2 knot is tightened. Now, take the cord that goes up and pull it around to the left, so it crosses the body of the bracelet and is now in the same direction of the lower cord, but allow a large loose loop to remain above. Take the lower cord, lay it over the upper cord, pass it underneath the body of the bracelet, and through the upper loop. At this point, pull this new knot tight. Here you should have a full knot. i suggest you look at macrame knots, as this knot is nothing more that a macrame square knot; repeated over and over to form the body. If the knots start to twist you have repeated the same knot. and need to back up and attempt tying the knots again. If you need me to add a new photo showing the formation of the knots I will. Good luck and best of wishes, dhopper122
Good Instructable! Thank you for your service. <br> <br>Mike
Totally awesome
Wow!!! Ur Awesome(: ! Im looking forward to trying this REALLY REALLY soon !
Very nice instructions helped me to learn how to start one Thanks!
Wonderful Instructions! I am using them to teach a group of scouts how to make bracelets of their own. Thank you!!
Thanks for the instructable! Here's a picture of the one I made.
Hello from Tasmania, Australia. My name is Paul and I just saw your instructable. Thanks very much for the clear and concise instructions. I really appreciate you taking the time to write this up. You have done a great job!<br><br>Thanks again and best wishes<br>Paul :)
Thank you for your complements. I am trying to find the time to do my multi-color bracelet soon. Life and all you know. I hope you make many bracelets in your future. And I want you to know that making this Instructable was a labor of love. Also remember one thing, never give in to status quo. Always look at improving everything; thats what brought me to designing this bracelet and writing this instructable. <br> <br>humbly yours, <br> <br>Duane Hopper

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