Picture of Prayeracord Bracelet

If you have some paracord and a few hours on your hand and you are bored, then make this out of paracord! It seems like I should be launching into a sales pitch right about now...

I developed this after the cross I had previously put up. What is unique about this as you can see in the picture the cross lies flat against the wrist. When tying the cross under enough tension the edges like to pull in on itself. So why is this a good thing? All of the bracelet and cross stay right up against the wrist so it doesn't get in the way of daily activity.

Hope you enjoy! I know some people have been looking for a prayer bracelet that doesn't have a cross or crucifix hanging from the bracelet. Here is the result to solve that issue.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

550 Paracord 9-10 ft
Lighter (for all you OCD people out there, please just pretend it's in the picture)

Step 2: Cross Knot

Picture of Cross Knot

This is how everyone teaches it -the boring way.

Step 3: Cross Knot my way

Picture of Cross Knot my way

Find the middle of the cord and start with the index finger and wrap around hand the way the first picture depicts. Loop the one working end that should be running toward you underneath the cord and between the ring and middle finger. Loop it up through the loop around the index finger then down through the loop around the ring finger.

Check out Cross-Knot Cross for more detailed steps on how to do this.

Step 4: Starting the Cross

Picture of Starting the Cross

As the first knot is adjusted leave a loop about a half inch in diameter. Continue making these knots in a bar until three cross knots have been tied.

Noble_Knight (author) 11 months ago
Thank you!

Those turned out really cute. Bravo on figuring out another way to tie a pretty knot.