So I made this on the fly after finding an old project from 15 years ago. This video is a little longer than usual as I wanted to show all the steps of making a double biquad.

A double biquad has a gain around 13 to 14dbi if constructed properly. Now if you replace the flat reflector with a parabolic curve you can increase this to 15 to 16dbi. Template: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzmJxxD-Z4B6dHdqUVhnUWpqYmM/view?usp=sharing

<p>Hi, fascinating project. I see that you made a comparison of signal level against your older design and that it showed around 10- 15 % better level . For somebody like myself who is interested in building a similar antenna it would have been good to see the comparison in signal level to a simple &quot;stick&quot; antenna as is commonly used on wifi cards/routers and the like. Do you have any idea of the typical gain (dbi). Also do you</p><p>have details of the parabolic perspex forms you used please and the spacer template you used for the active element bending.</p><p> ? If these were in the video, sorry i missed them i will re-watch later.</p>
Wow! Thanks for sharing!

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