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Step 2: Layout
Taking the calculations from Step 1 you will want to lay out the curve of the dish on a flat surface. Accuracy is important but you can be off slightly and still have an operational dish.

First measure your width (diameter) and find the center point. Now go to Parabola note a point (X, Y) on one side of the dish. Then measure the bottom edge from the center out to one side. Then measure the height up from that point. To assure you are not off to an angle use a T square if you do not have a T Square you can measure the depth again from the center of the dish Up and then from there the distance to the side. Repeat this process on the opposite side. Then do it again 3-4 more times at different points on each side marking each point with a dot or X. Connect the dots and you should end up with a curve like the one in Parabola.