Parachute Launch





Introduction: Parachute Launch

How to launch cheap parachute men. Easy. Fast. Something to do. Try it.

Step 1: Version 1

There are two ways to do this, the first, cooler, but does not work as well. The second, works well, not as accesorized...

1. this is very simple...

let out plastic parachute

attatch parachut figure to nerf gun bullet (i used a small rubber band

shoot nerf gun off roof or high place

this is cool to be able to launch the actual figure as well as the nerf bullet, but it makes it quite heavy. the nerf gun will only be able to launch it 5-7 is only slightly better than tossing the parachute man(which doesn't work very well)

Step 2: Version 2

This version works much better. The only downside is not having a figure with the nerf bullet.

2. this is also very simple

cut strings from parachote charcter

tie strings around suction tip of nerf bullet

launch off roof or high place

if you do try using version one and come up with any new improved ideas, please post them!! Also, you can see my other parachute man instructable an do a little customizing...enjoy!

P.S. my other parachute instructable shows how to make te parachute part if you cant find one...



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    sounds alittle lame, aren't you to old to be playing with these? Make something that can knock out a grandparent so you can sneak out the back door...

    Im 16 and sometimes i still play pokemon, i think that stuff like this is fun when your bored on a saturday..


    AFfter you're done, wrap the parachute around the nose of the dart, so the parachute wont interfear with the dart.

    oh dude that picture on is creeping me out u know the talking one CHANGE IT!

    i have a potato cannon and i take those cheap parachute men and poke a hole in a ping pong ball and fill the ball with small rocks and then put the man in there and tape around it. then fire the ball out of my cannon. P.S. sorry about my run on sentence lol

    Haha, this is a cool way to do it, you can probably shoot it straight up into th air too! this is awesome! ~Shifrin