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How to launch cheap parachute men. Easy. Fast. Something to do. Try it.

Step 1: Version 1

Picture of Version 1
There are two ways to do this, the first, cooler, but does not work as well. The second, works well, not as accesorized...

1. this is very simple...

let out plastic parachute

attatch parachut figure to nerf gun bullet (i used a small rubber band

shoot nerf gun off roof or high place

this is cool to be able to launch the actual figure as well as the nerf bullet, but it makes it quite heavy. the nerf gun will only be able to launch it 5-7 ft....it is only slightly better than tossing the parachute man(which doesn't work very well)

NInjaNerd8 years ago
sounds alittle lame, aren't you to old to be playing with these? Make something that can knock out a grandparent so you can sneak out the back door...
Im 16 and sometimes i still play pokemon, i think that stuff like this is fun when your bored on a saturday..
Bored on a Saturday?
XWXAXDXEX5 years ago
AFfter you're done, wrap the parachute around the nose of the dart, so the parachute wont interfear with the dart.
jacksteal47 years ago
oh dude that picture on is creeping me out u know the talking one CHANGE IT!
cman3377 years ago
i have a potato cannon and i take those cheap parachute men and poke a hole in a ping pong ball and fill the ball with small rocks and then put the man in there and tape around it. then fire the ball out of my cannon. P.S. sorry about my run on sentence lol
Shifrin7 years ago
Haha, this is a cool way to do it, you can probably shoot it straight up into th air too! this is awesome! ~Shifrin
jacksteal47 years ago
lol nice
omg im so going to try this lol i got a gun that shoots 200+ feet in the air
mrmath8 years ago
What happens if you drape the parachute over the front of the nerf gun, so the dart is shooting into the center of it. I would guess that it would fold the parachute back over the nurf bullet and make for much less wind resistance. You could shoot it straight up and see how high it goes....
wimpiam mrmath7 years ago
lol thats what i was gonna say because my longshot mod (brass tube, AR15 assualt rifle spring, custom dart, compressed air addition, etc...) shot my parachute guy 50 feet in the air.
Dieffsta (author)  mrmath8 years ago
yes that seems to work well now that i try it....it is not too much better than just bundleing it...but it is allitttle better inddeed.....and im glad that people take so much interest!
dood, i have a nerf exactly like that! along with a blue one. It was a 2 pack, lol!
Loveofchaos8 years ago
i have an idea, have it small rubber banded to a bottle rocket and shoot it off, have a piece of tinfoil protecting the chute and keeping it together so it isnt damaged when the bottlerocket it climbing and when it explodes have fun!
you know, you're supposed to keep the parachute loosely folded when you throw it... if it's folded loosely enough the air will open it up. it makes it easier to throw.
If you keep the parachute folded, you'll get more distance when you shoot the nerf gun. If you have already unfolded the parachute, it'll cause resistance and slow down your projectile.
Dieffsta (author)  FrenchCrawler8 years ago
yeah thast true...ive played around with that. youre right