Paracord 4-Peg Spool Knitting





Introduction: Paracord 4-Peg Spool Knitting

Here is what I’ve got for my paracord 4-peg spool knitting kit. This is a very cheap and easy DIY project. So let me show you how:


  • a PVC Coupling - 2.25 inches outer diameter (bought at HomeDepot for $1.49).
  • 4 Cotter Pin - 2 inches long (bought at HomeDepot for $1.53)
  • Supper Glue.
  • Electrical Tape. (your choice of tape)
  • A Dremel tool with cutting wheels.

Step 1: Mark the 4 Pins

It’s important to find the 4 spots for the cotter pins. With my measurement and math I’ve learned back in the day, basically I traced the outer diameter of PVC coupling and find a center point of the circle, then draw 2 square line across. Here is what I’ve got:

Step 2: Dremel Time!

Marker the 4 lines along the PVC coupling (that where the cotter pins sit on). Using a Dremel tool, I’ve carved out the lines that fit the 4 pins (make sure you don’t cut through the pipe), and be sure the pins sit on tight and flat on the surface.

Step 3: Supper GLUE!

Supper glue the pins all together. Keep the pins with the same height.

Step 4: Taping It. DONE!

This is an extra step. Using electrical tape and tape around the PVC pipe to cover those expose pins. You can use your choice of tape.

Check out my Blogs for more info or questions.

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I made mine with PVC as well. I replaced the cotter pins in the picture with shorter ones

knotting spools.jpg

wonderful instructable. there are lots of tutorials on how to you this, one only needs to search it out....I like the cotter pins they have a nice rounded head that's slightly bent so your cordage doesn't slip off as easy. all in all a great thing to share how you made it. thank you!

I'm curious, why cotter pins? Why not nails?

Well documented. Thanks for sharing!

2 replies

nails have a head that the cord will get snagged on

Use a grinder, hack saw, or dremel to cut the heads either before or after they are in place. No snagging and they cost pennies apiece. Cotter pins, while not expensive, still cost 10 times the amount that a nail does. Besides, most people have nails sitting around somewhere. Not so much for cotter pins.

Like a "Knifty Knitter"....?

Another vote for "how do you use it?"

i think i have to echo the voices here... how do you USE it? XP

i've got ideas floating around to use the paracord i bought for a gunsling to... make a gunsling this way XP. two colors, weaving them as one cord. might have to get three tho..

I could but I need to set up a new Instructable!

That where the magic comes... You need to learn how to do the knitting yourself when u have this made.


How do you use it once you've made it?

How do you actually do the knitting?