Picture of Paracord 4-strand Round Braid
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This can be a 1,2,or 4 color necklace or bracelet that is slim yet looks good
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Material you will need
-2 lengths of paracord 4 times the necklaces length for each color
- a buckle
-and a mini torch or lighter

Step 2: Starting The Braid

Picture of Starting The Braid
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Run the lengths of paracord like so and separate the two colors

Step 3: The Braid

Picture of The Braid
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14, 9:04 PM.jpg
Follow visual instructions and keep tightening after each weave and continue

Step 4: Ending

Picture of Ending
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14, 9:04 PM.jpg
Thread the cord through the buckle as so and open two of the sides as show and thread it through then tight by pulling on the color strands you used then cut and singe the ends
bwelkin13 days ago

"Follow visual instructions" didn't work for me. Too bad... I'm trying to build this braid. tks

kkingsbury made it!3 months ago

I didn't do the buckle, but the braid instructions came in super handy, thanks!

elliemae611 year ago

VERY Good instructions, I have had a hard time trying to do a fourstrand braid like this. Other instructions seemed confusing but yours are very simple and CLEAR. Thank you for posting this.