Picture of Paracord 4-strand Round Braid
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This can be a 1,2,or 4 color necklace or bracelet that is slim yet looks good

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Material you will need
-2 lengths of paracord 4 times the necklaces length for each color
- a buckle
-and a mini torch or lighter
bwelkin1 month ago

"Follow visual instructions" didn't work for me. Too bad... I'm trying to build this braid. tks

kkingsbury made it!4 months ago

I didn't do the buckle, but the braid instructions came in super handy, thanks!

elliemae611 year ago

VERY Good instructions, I have had a hard time trying to do a fourstrand braid like this. Other instructions seemed confusing but yours are very simple and CLEAR. Thank you for posting this.