This can be a 1,2,or 4 color necklace or bracelet that is slim yet looks good

Step 1: Materials

Material you will need
-2 lengths of paracord 4 times the necklaces length for each color
- a buckle
-and a mini torch or lighter
<p>I didn't do the buckle, but the braid instructions came in super handy, thanks!</p>
<p>Very nice!</p>
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<p>&quot;Follow visual instructions&quot; didn't work for me. Too bad... I'm trying to build this braid. tks</p>
<p>Im sorry to hear that, can you recommend a way for me to make it easier to understand?</p>
<p>individual steps, some of us are color blind and following the colors arent easy, consider in the first image laying it out as cord 1,2,3,4 next instruction would be similar to &quot;Move cord 2 over cord 3&quot; and go step by step for the first iteration of the braid .. i.e. until you get to a point where you just repeat from there.</p>
<p>VERY Good instructions, I have had a hard time trying to do a fourstrand braid like this. Other instructions seemed confusing but yours are very simple and CLEAR. Thank you for posting this. </p>

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Bio: I enjoy Paracord and various other crafts. i havent been on for about a year but you know.
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