Step 8: A Cool Key Fob

Here is the finished key fob.
You can attach it to many objects as a handle.
Could you please e-mail me a printed copy of the directions for the 5 color key fob, I cannot print them from the download my computer is not letting me and it is telling me my firewall is a problem, I have disabled the firewall and it still will not download. TBlanchette@NEW.RR.COM. Thanks
By the way, exactly how much cordage did you use? <br>-BLUEBLOBS2
This is awesome, it looks amazing! <br>-BLUEBLOBS2
nice and clear 'ible, i might wrap my knife with this! thanks!<br>
awesome braid. i'm going to have to try this one. thanks for sharing.
I would like to just add that you might want to take the strands out from the inside or you will have have fat lines that dont lay down and always look sharp if you dont. Like I have been doing on my first one here. will send photo in a bit when done. Other than that very very good job on teaching us how to do it <br><br>
I have one that uses 3x 4 strand twisted and stacked a total of 12 strands but only 4 are used at one given time.
Nice and clear 'ible. Tried it but with 6 strands and using different lengths. Turned out to get a nice bottle shape as the two shorter ones ran out.
Job Well Done... Gonna try this one later ;)
If you use only two strands, it makes a &quot;dna&quot; shaped key fob.&nbsp; i tried it after seeing it on your site<br />
AWESOME!!!!!!!! But what is the name of the knot? Please reply.<br /> &nbsp;Cheers and thanks,<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Neil
Thank you, The name is Crown knot.
&nbsp;Nice work.<br /> <br /> I'm gonna make one this weekend ;)<br />
Cool thanks, if you&nbsp;make one&nbsp;post an image.
Very cool! Thanks a lot!&nbsp;

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