Paracord Archery Arm Guard





Introduction: Paracord Archery Arm Guard

A excellant looking arm guard for archery.

Step 1: Details

All i did was make two bracelets, with one bigger, then make a platform type thing to go in between. It works very well.



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    Dude your supposed to be showing us how to do it not sell it :/

    I kindve did, just not thoroughly

    As a national-team-archer, i wouldn't use it because it creates too much drag for me: If you make a very horribly release and you hit the arm-guard, you count on the gliding of the string on the guard to dampen the going-haywire of the string.

    Your design seems to have too much parallel (to the string) paracord-parts especially in the top and bottom of the guarding area.

    However: This is only a point of view from my angle as (now) professional archer and concerning on accuracy (And not using any selfmade-parts but spend > 6000$ on my 2 bows and equipment). From another point of view (you may have) as a occasional or parttime-archer, this arm-guard can for sure help to give your equipment a personal touch. And personal touch is for starting archers a very important part: Identifying yourself with the thing you do and use.

    May i make a suggestion?
    Have you checked the innards of bought arm-guards like these?
    Just above and below the 4 bigger slits in the center you can spot a thicker part in the leather. Thats where metal-rods are sewn into the guard. You may also insert one or two such reinforcements into your weave. I think every rigid small diameter plastic should work. I would stay away from metals which rust (Happens very fast if you are sweating a bit: Sweat = Salty. Salty solution + iron = fast rust). My 2 cents ;)