Picture of Paracord Bandolier
Under certain circumstances I like to bring a rifle and ammo with me when I go into the wilderness. And of course it's always a good idea to bring a length of paracord too. Both items fall into the "could come in handy" category of gear. In the endless persuit to lighten my pack and reduce bulk I've combined the two. Rather than just carrying around paracord on the off chance I might need it here's a way to give it a full time job; holding your ammunition. It allows you to leave the ammo boxes at home and is a step up from just having loose rounds scattered about your pack.

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Step 1: Uses

Picture of Uses
bandolier (13).jpg
bandolier (2).jpg
Whether you choose to sling it over your shoulder like an ol' bandito, tie it to the buttstock of your rifle, or roll it up and stuff it in your pack like I do, the paracord bandolier is a functional and easy to make piece of equipment. 

Step 2: How to start

Picture of How to start
bandolier (5).jpg
bandolier (6).jpg
bandolier (7).jpg
bandolier (8).jpg
bandolier (9).jpg
To make a 36 cartridge bandolier I needed two 10 foot lengths of paracord. Scale up or down accordingly.

Step 3: The second row

Picture of The second row
bandolier (12).jpg
bandolier (11).jpg
bandolier (3).jpg
 I only like to start on the second row after I've completed the first to the length I want it.
pikeslayer3 months ago

will it work for 22 shells?

tex1017 months ago

will this work for shotgun ammo also?

smirnoff04 (author)  tex1017 months ago
Yea, it should work just fine.

One thing to keep in mind though, shotgun cartridges don't have that same ridge midway up so that string of paracord might be susceptible to wandering up or down if it's at all loose. I've never had a problem with mine slipping off the end but I suppose it could happen.
Greatness achieved.
smirnoff04 (author)  chrisaustin1 year ago
Oh dude, that's a work of art! :)
Hungmaau2 years ago
I was experimenting with this the other day. Wanting to see how it worked on .22l Shells. The problem i encountered is the length of the .22 compared to the 30-30 round.
To solve this i started experimenting with other types of knots. I found using the Chain sinnet, you could create a compact/wearable bandoleer that is re-loadable with round.
I will be posting an instructable soon.
smirnoff04 (author)  Hungmaau2 years ago
That sounds fantastic, I can't wait to see how you did it!
wyguy201 year ago
Would it work with shotgun shells?
smirnoff04 (author)  wyguy201 year ago
I believe it would, to a degree. The issue you might find is that without a ridge towards the business end of the shell the paracord may tend to wander on you, and possibly slip right off the end given enough time. I don't have any shells to try myself, but if you get the change let us know how it works out. :)
Medic653 years ago
Silly question... but if there are no rounds in it.. will it come undone?
smirnoff04 (author)  Medic653 years ago
It will indeed. I'd say that's the biggest limitation of this design. Even so, I do still find it useful for particular applications.

Happy hunting. :)
Out of curiosity, what gun is that? I love the lever action firearms but I've only seen the .44 version
smirnoff04 (author)  ~teknoarsonist~3 years ago
It's the Marlin model 336. Makes a decent enough bush gun. I've enjoyed it :)
Is that the W model of the 336? I have the sa,e gun...and its not just a decent bush gun its an excellant one. i shot clear through some think brush that i was encamped into when i was hunting one day when i was younger...didnt turn out well for the deer...but it turned out great for me which is all that
onkel2343 years ago
Can you take a round out and put it in again without it unraveling?

but nice job.
smirnoff04 (author)  onkel2343 years ago
The individual loop will indeed unravel when a cartridge is extracted thereby extending the overall length of the bandolier. It is one definite shortcoming of this design.

Your best bet is to always take cartridges from one end or the other as it will be easier to tidy up a loose ends than a loose middle. Also, replacing a cartridge on the end will prove easier to do than trying to reform a loop between the rounds.

Thanks for the question and comment, ICBM :)

i like the whole idea, but what if you need the full length of paracord? where do you put the rounds?
Keep in mind that if you know for sure that you'll be needing paracord on your trip than you'll be better served just bringing a separate length. My intention is that this paracord only be used "if necessary", in which case you'll have a couple options:

1) You could take the paracord from the second row only. The cartridges will remain secure with just one row. The second row just keeps 'em nice and straight.

2) You could unravel the works and throw throw the loose shells in your pack or leave them at a particular location to be retrieved later.

When the need arises you'll have to improvise a bit. Luckily, as you're a member of this site, that probably comes naturally ;)
instruct393 years ago
wow! so simple, ilove it!
Tommi Potx3 years ago
A mighty fine use of paracord; keeps the loose rounds from getting lost!