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It can get frustrating carrying soft items like blankets or clothes to a camp ground. I designed this super easy to make strap to carry blankets; however, it can also be used to carry other items like bundled wood which makes it incredibly useful!!

The Design is super simple and does not require many tools or materials. I used two colors to make this, but you could of course use one if you prefer. I am using this for camping so I made sure to choose darker color paracord to ensure that it will not show how dirty it will get after extended use.

Material List:

10' - Red Paracord

7' - Black Paracord

Lighter or candle

Cup of water (I like to use this to cool the ends of the cord after I melt them)


Knife with serrated edge

Pen tube (used to slide on the cord to create a locking mechinism)

Wire hangar (for added support in the handle)

Measure tape (not required, but will help to be precise)

12" File folder (used to measure paracord)

Wire cutters (to cut hangar pieces)

I designed this handle to be super simple. It only requires 2 different types of knots and can be made with 17' of paracord and household items!

Step 1: Prepping the Materials

1. Measure the cord - I like to use a file folder to measure out the length. The standard size is 1' which allows you to easily measure out the appropriate length for your project. You will need 2 strands; 1 - 10' length for the strap; and 1 - 7' length for the handle.

2. Cut 2 - 7" pieces from the wire hanger and mark the middle (aprox 3.5"). This will be used to add some support to the handle which will keep the cord separated while carrying your equipment. The hangar method is only going to give enough support for around 10 pounds, so if you are planning to make this to carry something heavier I recommend using something stronger for support; I used an aluminum tent steak for my wood carrier.

After you cut the wire, mark the center point. Since I used 7" lengths, I marked them at 3.5 with my knife.

3. Cut 2 equal lengths of tube from the pen casing. I recommend using lengths that are around 1 1/2 ".

4. Melt the ends of the pen casing to give them a smooth feel so that it will not wear away at the cord. When melting the tube you want to make sure that you have a cup of water handy to dip the plastic in to cool it down after it has taken form.Be careful because if you melt too much you melt to much you will not be able to pull the cord through the center.

I made this but I made a few changes to it
<p>I made mine with glow in the dark paracord for the handle. I love it! Next time, I think I'll make a really long handle and add a shoulder strap. The only thing I don't like about this design is that it does allow the blanket to sag on the ends if you have a floppier blanket. Thanks for the instructions!</p>
<p>maybe buy a wooden dowel for the length of it wrapped,and wrap the blanket around it before putting the tightener on? idk.</p><p>if i were camping id just use a stick id sized. you could even attatch a strap to the stick that ties off at both ends sticking out to make a shoulder strap. </p>
<p>Thank you for your Instructable</p><p>Nice job.</p><p>Rima</p>
<p>Any tips on the S loop thing? It makes zero sense to me and maybe I am just a newbie but I can't even fathom the project.</p>
<p>Here are the photos of my completed project.</p>
<p>awesome thanks for the instructions. I was worried about the s loop but i figured out it doesnt matter. also i had an issue with the pen tube things. I ended up having to tie a knot at the end of them burning the paracord didn't make it wide enough. but other than that I love this thing</p>
By the way i love the locking mechanism!
Made it. Had trouble lining up the s loop description. Could you include measurements at that step. I marked mine so that I knew where they needed to line up. I plan on doing another type of this for paper towel roll in a travel trailer.
<p>Is that a blanket in the first pictures? </p>
Yes it is a blanket. The diameter for this strap is approximately adjustable from 20 to 30 inches
Is it one you would recommend?
The banket? It was a wedding gift from a good friend. It is very nice.. so I would not take it outside, I used it for the picture because it rolls up nicely and allows you to see the straps
<p>Ah oh ok. Yea I've been looking for a good wool or some other outdoor rated blanket to simplify one of my packs and was curious. Thanks</p>
i would check out surplus military stores. the green itchy (green wool military pack blanket) roll up nice in my pad and dont take up alot of space
<p>Yea I have tossing that idea around, glad to hear it from someone else. Thanks I'll give that a go before I go out on our next filming trip.</p>

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