Picture of Paracord Bottle Holder Net
This is my first instructable, so feel free to let me know if there is anything I can do to make it better.

I'll be showing you how I made a fitted net to carry a nalgene bottle or other jar/bottle/item.

using the lid loop on the canteen works, but I have had several break after a while, and then I am doomed to loose the lid.

The net gives you multiple attachment options and offers some protection against rubbing.

I based my design on the instructions found here:

I used a different knot for the bottom, in hopes of keeping the canteen more stable, but its still pretty wobbly.

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Step 1: Gather the Supplies

Picture of Gather the Supplies
I used:

1 Nalgene bottle (mine is extra awesome because I found it on the ground in La Grange TX)

2 Pieces of Paracord - 4 Armspan* piece and a one Armspan* piece

Cutting tool

Lighter to prevent fraying.

Knot book - optional but I always like to have it nearby when working with rope.

*My Armspan is about 6 feet, if yours is significantly larger or smaller add or remove armspans to compensate.

Step 2: Tie the Foundation Knot

Picture of Tie the Foundation Knot
For this step I used a good luck knot (who cant use a bit of luck when in the great outdoors)

to start the knot, lay the cord into a cross shape, making each arm and top about 3 feet.

if you have trouble tying the knot, just search for some guides online, there are a lot of them.

work any loose bits of cord through the knot and make it nice and tight.

after tightening the knot cut and seal the ends of the loops so now you have 8 strands coming from the knot.

cluytjes2 years ago
I appreciate your instructions! I was looking for a water bottle sling I could make to carry water for my dog on walks and your's fit the bill with a few variations.

For the strap, I alternated between overhand knots and good luck knots, making a sort of chain link appearance and I added a wide Soloman's bar for the shoulder sling for comfort. It's worked out quite well.

Crucio4 years ago
After wanting to all summer long, I just made one. Thanks for taking the time to post this. It's going to come in very handy in the summer and it's just so much nicer when you know you made it yourself.
I have that same exact book, got it on clearance. Nice job using a decorative knot in a utilitarian way. I Like It!!!
mysss4 years ago
hmm. the square/reef knot doesn't take kindly to that sort of treatment. an improvement might be to tie a half hitch on either side, which would further secure the square knot as well as put the ends in the right direction for a loop.
mysss4 years ago
that's 'cause he's a dog, not a cat :)
mysss4 years ago
Why did you do it this way rather than just using the knot the more natural way, without making the new groups? Just curious if it was aesthetic or something else. : )
mysss4 years ago
love that book and I agree on the Ashley Book of Knots ;)
rownhunt4 years ago
I have the same knot book at home! 
lemonie4 years ago
Nice knotting there.