This is a bracelet made out of paracord...
<p>take the yellow paracord, fold it in half, tie overhand knot in yellow bout an inch or so longer than your wrist. cobra weave length as desired. to put on: run yellow strands</p><p>through yellow hole at opposite end, pull knot through hole. </p>
Dum terd face
How do u make it dumterd
Htf do u make this
This is instructables, not instagra
How do you make this? If you were just showing it off then don't put it on a site that shows instructions!! Very disappointed, because I wanted to send on to my cousin who is deployed!! Thanks a whole lot, the search continues!!
It's great that you have decided to share your photos with us, but it would be awesome if you provided more of an explanation of what you made and how you made it!
Looks nice, I like it.
Is thee an instructable for this? please?

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