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Use a lighter and burn the end of the cord and flatten it so the string inside doesn't come out.

Step 2:

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Measure 8 feet of cord. (If you are doing two colors, measure 4 feet of each and burn the ends together so it is about 8 feet long, but still using the same method).

Step 3:

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Get a relatively small buckle and grip the two ends together and put them through the buckle together.

Step 4:

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Pull the cord through, but leave a small loop at the end to put the cord through. Once you have done that, pull it so it is tight.

Step 5:

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Put the other buckle on and wrap it around your wrist leaving space.

Step 6:

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It is hard to put into words so do what the photos show. What I can tell you is to, on the end going down, wrap it over and inside the "loop" you see.

Step 7:

Continue to do that, but on the other side each time.

Step 8:

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When you reach the end, cut the excess cord leaving a tiny bit of cord, and after that, melt it with the orange part of the flame.


TheHowtoGuy (author)2014-09-02

Good job! I'll probably update this one and provide better pictures and other stuff

spartan.hargreaves made it! (author)2014-09-02

I made some adjustments but very much the same principle, see my profile for my instructable.

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