Picture of Paracord Bracelet
This is a cobra weave paracord bracelet that does not use a buckle.
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Step 1:

Picture of
What you will need:

- Scissors
- Measuring Tape
- Lighter
- 550 paracord (length shown in directions)

Step 2:

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You want about 2 feet 6 inches of one color and 2 feet 6 inches of the other color. Then burn the ends together of the two colors as shown in first photo. Burn the tips of the cords as shown in the second photo. Next get some more paracord and fold it in half and wrap it around your wrist, it should fit good and you should have an extra couple inches hanging off as shown in 3 photo. Now tie a knot at the end , as shown in 4 photo.

Step 3:

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Lay the two pieces over each other . Then start the weave, and keep going until there isn`t enough string to weave anymore.
wanda357011 year ago
How do you finish off the last 2 ends? And, how do you fasten it? Can you post a picture of what the bracelet looks like where it fastens together?
meman24341 year ago
How do u end it
That's cool I really won't to bye paracord
desire7082 years ago
i am going to try this and see how it works i have got all i need to do it.wish me luck.
Schmidty163 years ago
looks good um wont the part that u burt together come apart
prettypinkprincess (author)  Schmidty163 years ago
Which part? There are several spots where I burn the cord, and no I've made many of these bracelets and I've had no troubles.
the first pic where u burt them together
no because theres not really stress on it