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Introduction: Paracord Bracelet

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This instructable is directed to those who already know how to make a King Cobra bracelet. This is my first attempt at sharing my work. My computer skills are very limited as you can see. Your comments and criticisms are welcome. Special thanks to Mr Coop for his suggestions and encouragement. Thanks, Jim.

Step 1: Step 1

Construct bracelet to selected size,adding a spent .22 cal. cartridge to every other knot as you are making the second pass on the King Cobra bracelet. The cartridges were drilled and polished prior to assembly. Please remember to use cartridges that have been fired and thus made inert and harmless.

Step 2: Step 2

Finish your bracelet as you normally do.



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    2 years ago

    great instructions!


    This tutorial is very GENIUS and the idea is amazing.

    I love the idea and i want to make it but you should show how to make the bracelet and weave the through the para cord bracelet

    This is neat! I'm gonna make this after my next day at the range! Thanks for sharing [:

    Very cool would have never thought of that. Clever

    Paracord man 321, it is the regular cobra not king cobra. Thanks for your interest.

    is it a regular cobra stitch or king cobra with bullet shells

    Excellent use of spent brass! Wish I had thought of it lol.

    Wow! That's actually pretty creative! I've been making paracord bracelets/key fobs/lanyards/necklaces for a while now, but I never thought of this! Gives me yet another good reason to buy my .22 rifle haha

    2 Thumbs Up!