Paracord Bracelet





Introduction: Paracord Bracelet

supplies: paracord, buckle, lighter

Step 1: Attaching Buckle

loop paracord around buckle

Step 2: Sizing the Bracelet

this step is for sizibg the bracelet to your wrist

Step 3: The Cobra Knot or Weave

this is the knot you will be using to make your paracord bracelet

Step 4: Finishing Up

you will keep doing the cobra weave till you get to the other side of the bracelet (I am using a using a different bracelet for this step, same knot and everything just I had it already done before this)

Step 5: Burning the Ends

you will need a lighter for this step and cut the extra paracord then burn it with your lighter where the arrow are at

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    Watch and subscribe. This video is going crazy viral.

    it shows how to loop the paracord on step one

    How do you attach the length of paracord for the accuall cobra weave part

    a good size of cord would be about 10 maybe

    a good size of cord would be about 10 maybe

    How much cord do you need for the average bracelet ?

    sorry bout pics was my first instructables

    sorry bout pics was my first instructables