Easy Paracord Bracelet Instructions, make a Cobra Bracelet. Get these Paracord Supplies: about 12 feet of Paracord, and some type of Paracord buckle. Get a Plastic side release buckle, or Metal adjustable Buckle. You will also need some scissors, a lighter, and if you have a Paracord fig. Get Paracord Bracelet Instructions for the Viper Weave, and more Paracord Bracelets. Try these other Paracord Projects, Paracord Keychain, Paracord Dog Collar, and Paracord Knife Handle. Get a Paracord Bracelet Kits, 550 Paracord, or a Paracord Needle.

Step 1: Paracord Bracelet Instructions

Connect the 550 Paracord to the to the Paracord buckle, see the picture. You can measure it on your wrist to make sure the Parachute cord bracelet is the right size. You can tie a half hitch on the buckle.

Step 2: Paracord Bracelet Instructions

First lay one piece of Paracord across, this will be the center color of the bracelet. See the picture below, continue with the Paracord Bracelet Instructions.

Step 3: Paracord Bracelet Instructions

Next lay the secord piece of paracord, over the top of the first, around the back, and up through the hole made. Then pull the Paracord Knots tight.

Step 4: Paracord Bracelet Instructions

Continue the Paracord Bracelet instructions, lay the first piece of Paracord across the top, now bring the second piece of 550 Paracord over the top of the first piece, then around the back of the Bracelet, and bring it up through the hole made by the first piece of Paracord. Then pull the Paracord ends tight. Continue the braid until you get the other buckle. Then cut and melt the ends of the paracord. Learn How to make a Paracord Bracelet with the Mamba Knot. Design a Custom Paracord Bracelet from Paracord Bands.com.

<p>Thank you so much for the instructions on how to make a Para cord Bracelet. </p>
That's a cobra weave paracord bracelet
<p>..do you make them all the time? </p><p>:)</p>
That's a cobra weave para cord bracelet I make them all the time
That's a cobra weave para cord bracelet I make them all the time

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