I hope this instructable helps those who wish to make their own jig for making paracord items. I made this jig with wood that I had laying around to handle three different size buckles and two pins. It can make up to an 18" bracelet, collar, key fob, etc.

My wood working skills are mediocre at best, and I was limited on my time to complete the jig, so I apologize in advance that I do not have pictures of every single step. But I believe I may have enough to help you through making a jig of your own!

The first two buckles are your common 3/8 and 1" buckles, The third buckle is a whistle/scrapper/flint rod buckle that I ordered off line. I also added in two pins that are roughly 2.5" long, 1/4" diameter.

Step 1: Materials

For this project, this is a list of materials you will need. Depending on what you are working with, and what you have access to, this list may vary a little.

- Wood. My original jig was made from wood that came from a dresser drawer.

- Clamps. They come in handy during this project.

- Tape measure or ruler. Using correct measurements, and drawing straights lines that later will be cut is important if you want your jig to operate nice and smoothly.

- Screws. Depending on the wood you are working with, the diameter and length of your screws will vary here. You could use nails instead if you prefer. I chose screws since there is less chance of my jig pulling apart as I move it around, use it, or if it gets kicked or dropped by anyone.

- Drill with Philips screw bit and drill bits. You will need at least two drill bits; a 1/4" drill bit, and another drill bit that is slightly smaller than the screws you will be using.

- Cotter less Hitch Pins. These I plan to use to make key  fobs, buckle less bracelets, etc.

- Corner braces, picture hangers. I used these to secure my buckles to the wood. You can also use plastic or metal wire clamps, small pins, or whatever else you have on hand that will securely hold the buckles in place.

<p>Very nice setup. I help run a BoyScout troop, this will be great when they want to make 'survival' bracelets, Do you think it can be scaled up to make belts?</p>
You should be able to just using longer pieces of wood. Dog collars are the longest items I make, so this was fine for my needs. For belts you'll just need longer pieces of wood. I would add on at minimum 6 inches to the longest belt you plan to make and use that length for the wood.
It shows up that you did, there was also an email.. I'm not trying to gain followers or likes. It just bothers me when someone claims a design as their own when it's not
On my end it's showing I'm not following anyone. Under those following you, I'm not listed. The design of the jig is basically my own since I did not base it off of another jig, or follow instructions to make it. As I said before, other them numbers written on it, and a slider to adjust the length, there's no similarities between our jigs. All jigs have those 2 things in common but the cosmetics of its appearance drastically varies.
You're following me
I'm not following anyone actually. I'd post the pic from the screenshot of I could that shows that. And as entertaining as it is that this is now your second attempt of a false claim that's most likely a poor attempt to gain yourself some views or popularity for your one instructable, this is my last reply to you. Unless you have something valid to say. Anyone can look at both instructables and see that they both have measurements and a way to adjust length, but the similarities end there.
Haha dude cmon this is nearly the exact same as the design I put on here.. Get some originality man xD
The designs are not even close other than they have measurements on them. And until you commented here I never knew you existed.
I have wanted to make one for a while and I really like this design. thanks for sharing this. I can't wait to make one.
I wish you the best of luck when you start working on it! I had made another more travel friendly one since then. I'm not much of a craftsman myself even tho I enjoy working with my hands, but patience I found is very important. Just take your time with it!
<p>cool what do you use to secure the buckles to the jig</p>
<p>Cotter less hitch pins for key rings, corner braces for medium and large buckles, and picture hangers for small buckles. Picked up some from home depot, some from my tool box.</p>
<p>cool thanks</p>
<p>Cool idea!</p>
<p>Thank you. I hope it helps those who are looking to make one.</p>

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