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Introduction: Paracord Bracelet Pattern

Hello! This instructable is going to be about a paracord weave I discovered when I messed up a survival bracelet. This is just the weave, so I'm sure some of you DIYers out there could find tons of cool uses for this. I have made bracelets, chokers, lanyards, and other stuff, so feel free to modify the crap out of it! Also, this is my first instructable, so leave feedback please!

Step 1: Setting It Up

There are probably tons of better ways to set this up, but I just found the half way point of the rope and tied a loop.

Step 2: Starting the Braid

You have 2 strings. Take the right string and pass it under the left string, making a loop on the right. Then pull the right string through that loop and tighten it.

Step 3: Continuing the Braid

You now have a string that goes straight down and a string that sticks out a bit. Use the string that goes straight down (the left string in this case) to make a loop by going behind the right string, and pull through the loop like you did with the first knot.

Step 4: Keep Going...

Continue alternating sides with the loops. This is a fairly simple braid, but it looks kind of cool and is nice and flat for necklaces or bracelets. Thanks for listening!

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