Picture of Paracord Bracelet With Integrated Fish Bone Gear Tie
When I got my prize pack from the Great Outdoors Contest I was extremely excited. Two things instantly caught my eye; paracord and Fish Bone gear ties. I immediately got to work on a paracord bracelet, but halfway through I got an idea; "Why not add a Fish Bone to the bracelet?". I undid my bracelet, played around for a little while, and finally came up with a nice looking, practical design.

Note: I highly recommend looking at all the pictures, it will really help.

Step 1: What You Need:

Picture of What You Need:
- About 8-10 feet of paracord
- An Original Fish Bone gear tie
- Scissors
- A lighter
- A buckle, preferably a contoured buckle (I didn't use a contoured buckle, but it would look nicer and feel more comfortable with one)
- A tape measure or ruler
I just made one of these while sitting here at work. The only difference is that I used the fishbone as a clasp because I didn't have a buckle. Your idea is awesome though!
M3G (author)  theconfusedelephant1 year ago
That's a great idea!
Gomex191 year ago
Just Ordered my pack after seeing your post! Black Friday sale going on this weekend - $12 for 4 fishbones and 50 feet paracord =p Thanks Dude, making mine soon!
M3G (author)  Gomex191 year ago
Awesome! I hope your bracelet turns out great!
Gomex19 M3G1 year ago
I just got it and ive been making them over and over but for some reason it twists as i knot it... how do you keep it from twisting?!

do i have to knot each side every other? i keep doing the knot the same way, is that wrong? lol
M3G (author)  Gomex191 year ago
Yes, you have to alternate which side the knot is on. The second image in step four should help.
Gomex19 M3G1 year ago
got it, and when i ordered i asked for 25 black and 25 green, they sent both =D Came out perfect, just the way you showed. thanks! 1st paracord bracelet complete =p
M3G (author)  Gomex191 year ago
Awesome! I'm glad it worked out for you. It would be great to see a picture of your bracelet!
Gomex19 M3G1 year ago
Here ya go!
M3G (author)  Gomex191 year ago
Yes, you have to alternate which side the knot is on. The second image in step four should help.
Really cool, but if you end up needing the whole rope in a survival situation, step 5 really screws you over because that weakens the cord. But over all a real cool idea
M3G (author)  DIY MACHO MAN1 year ago
Thanks for commenting! Unfortunately it does make the cord weaker, but since the cord is about 8 feet long and the melted section is only about an inch in the center you could cut that off and have two pieces of cord around 4 feet long to work with. The cord would probably still be strong enough for minor tasks as well.
gferrer21 year ago
Nice job...!!!
M3G (author)  gferrer21 year ago
Mrballeng1 year ago
This is awesome! Very cool.
M3G (author)  Mrballeng1 year ago
Thanks! (And thank you for the fish bones)
Pretty awesome nice job :)
M3G (author)  NVDevastator1 year ago
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