Paracord Bracelet With Shoelace


Introduction: Paracord Bracelet With Shoelace


For this instuctable I will show you how to make a paracord bracelet out of shoelace This may be easy and may be a little hard. But don't worry it should be easy.

Step 1: Getting It Started

Just wrap lace around your wrist twice, then tie a knot around both strings. But make sure you have enough room to take it off. And cut off excess but don't throw it away we may be able to use it.

Step 2: Start Weaving

There should be two pieces of shoelace around your hand tied in a knot. Start at one side of the knot and work your way to the other (image.) Just as your regular weaving.

Step 3: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Just keep weaving until you get to the other side of the knot. DO NOT cut off the excess you need it.

Step 4: The Finishing Touches

If you would like you could tie a knot or make a loop at one end and a monkey fist at the other and if you had enough excess you could add a clip if you know how or you could visit another instructable on how to make the clip you have to buy the clip or if you have one you could use it. If you made the knot cut off the excess



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    Ok well it is mine, so I can make what I want, can't I?

    br is right, you cant advertise something that isn't true. dont be rude

    Well, deal with it, BOOOOOOOOM

    its not avparacord braclet if its made of shoe laces