Paracord Bracelet Without Buckle (Tutorial)




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Introduction: Paracord Bracelet Without Buckle (Tutorial)

Step 1: Supplies You Will Need

You will need 2 colors of paracord. One longe for the weave and one for the base of the bracelet.

Step 2:

Have the desired color cut to the length you want then start the weave..if u don't know the weave I suggest you to check out my first paracord bracelet tutorial..but if you know it, then awesome :D

Step 3:

Once you start the weave leave some of the excess string (the base) out a little bit longer like in the picture shown.
Once you start the weave continue the weave till u feel its long enough

Step 4:

So this is how long I want my bracelet to be.
But when u get to your desired length make sure there is excess string (the base) at the bottom like on the top.

Step 5:

Cut the excess string off and sings the ends.

Step 6:

Then tie the base strings you left at the begging and at the end, you need to tie a knot with the strings. One string tie a knot on one string and do the same with the other string. Like so in the pictures.

Step 7:

Once that's don't..cut the excess strings off and singe the ends. Like so in the pic

Step 8:

Now you have a bracelet without a buckle. They are also adjustable so they can fit bigger wrist as well
Thanks for checking this out. Hope you enjoyed it



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    so which one of your 11 tutorials is the first? they are neither numbered nor dated!

    Hey christy, I'm glad you enjoy the tutorials I post :)
    If you go to my very first tutorial, the gray paracord bracelet, it shows step by step on making the knot your looking for

    hi jlp---i like your style of bracelet and can do the weave, but i can't really do the beginning knot around the smaller piece of cord. i did it once (by accident), and it looks great..but i can't even duplicate that knot now. is there anyway you can take me through it piece by piece? help!!!


    Very clever way of securing the bracelet.