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I saw the paracord bracelet by Stormdrane a couple of months ago, and had to make some; one night, while insomniacking, I was inspired, and had an epiphany: why not make a paracord bracelet, using a Monkey fist and loop as a closure, instead of a buckle or button?
So, here we go: a paracord bracelet with a Monkey Fist knot acting as the button.

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
-Approximately 7 to 8 feet of gutted paracord; more depending on your wrist size. I measured the ratio of cord to weave once, and promptly forgot it.
-A pair of scissors or sharp Swiss Army knife.
-A lighter to melt fraying ends.
-A marlin spike or similar pokey object, used when dressing the monkey fist knot; it should be as tight as possible.
-A skully bead, available at craft stores near you; all kinds are available online, too.
-Time: 2 hours for first attempt
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paracordgalaxy.com All sizes and colors of paracord and lots of beads including skulls. Like this bracelet very much. Thanx for the posting.

vemven made it!6 months ago
I made this for my guy thank you for posting it
BrennenI8 months ago

I keep getting stuck on the part where the loop is formed. Anyone have any pointers or maybe a video i could use? Any help would be greatly appreciated

datamonk3 years ago
Strangely enough, I just found a site that sells nothing but 550 paracord AND skull beads. Is there a particular symbolism with the survival bracelet, the monkey fist and the skull bead? :)

BrennenI datamonk8 months ago

just so you know, that link is either incorrect or the website no longer exists,

kwebber3212 years ago
where did you get the big roll of paracord? and how much did it cost?

you can get them on ebay and most 100 feet rolls cost around $10.00

Don't you mean 1000 ft?

Well yes and no, it all depends on who you get it from and if they know a thing or two about common scene.

rbollong1 year ago
kept me busy for a while. used a nut instead of a skully bead, I think it makes it look more rugged.
ndally1 year ago
I widen the bead hole with a drill. Clear monkey ball diagrams. I've wanted to learn this for a while, but the first tutorial I looked at was not digestable.
clax12274 years ago
why does it need to be gutted? I mean I've done plenty of bracelet's with the core in.
It doesn't need to be gutted, some people probably just find it easier or think it looks better.

As you can hopefully tell from this picture, I did not gut mine.
jon3laze made it!1 year ago

I made this about 6 years ago, didn't have the skull bead so I used the end of a screw on gauge.

mistahkool2 years ago
cool project! thanks!
mistahkool2 years ago
cool project! thanks!
fatboy073 years ago
very nice! I wish I can have one, :D
jrv4113 years ago
Another buckle alternative, I too don't care for bulky buckle. http://www.instructables.com/id/Replace-bulky-buckle-on-paracord-bracelet/
I'm doing alright until this step, then my knot gets really messed up, any tips?
Unless you put something inside the knot to create some bulk, the knot is going to be a little messed up and not as nice as some of the larger monkey fists you will see. The whole idea to using this knot is to secure the bracelet.
go to this link: http://www.animatedknots.com/monkeysfist/index.php?Categ=decorative&LogoImage=LogoGrog.jpg&Website=www.animatedknots.com
Very Detailed Instructions! Great site that I immediately bookmarked after seeing just this page.
I did too :D
datamonk3 years ago
Awesome instructable, Tommi! I'm now on my fourth run through, almost ready to teach it to my kids.
where did you get the bead from
EGT19844 years ago
I think this is the hardest part, I always loose the right spot and the bracelet is too small.
nail face4 years ago
if anyone is confused about the weave, you can go here for another tutorial http://theprepared.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=80&Itemid=55
shilohjim7 years ago
Great idea to use a button knot instead of a bought fastener. I have to wonder though, why not start with the loop and end with the monkey fist? BTW nice graphics showing the monkey fist tying.
Tommi Potx (author)  shilohjim7 years ago
It had never actually occurred to me to start with the loop. I don't think The monkey fist would tie well, as you need two running ends to tie it.

Just a note, you don't need two running ends to tie a monkey fist.  You can tie a knot in the end of a rope, and then build a monkey fist around it.

However, I agree with another poster that they're very difficult to size out and get located right.  Every time I've done a rope project with a monkey fist, it was always easiest to tie that first, then do the rest of the tying.
it's a good thing you didn't - anyone who's tied a monkey fist should know that they're a *pain* to try to get in some sort of exact position...

For extra weight (or size), you can also put a wooden bead or a steel ball in the monkey fist before tightening...
Syncubus srilyk6 years ago
While I agree they can be fidgety to tie, in a specific location, I think it would be a slightly neater look for both the bracelet and the monkey fist. Start with a small turks-head knot or something in the center of your cord, bring the ends up, just as you did before for the loop, do the ladder weave back down, then tie your monkey fist knot around the turks head (using the turks head for the traditional 'filling' for the moneys fist. Also, beautiful pictures on this instructable! I can tell you took your time making it. Thank you for it!
snickarn884 years ago
thanks for the instructable! really nice to learn how to tie a cobra bracelet whitout buckle etc. as fastener. I tried to do it with two colors. was a bit tricky to get the colors symmetric in the monkey fist, but I'm still pleased with the end result.

Have a happy new year!
embercity4 years ago
is there a way to make multiple colors?
There's a multi-color monkey fist at this instructable.. I think you should be able to simply use a couple different strands to create the bracelet (rather than trimming them all down into the Monkey's fist). It's a thought anyway!
chemman6 years ago
Sorry, but as anyone who has ever been in boy scouts knows "fraps" is a common lashing term.
Yup, it's how to secure a square lashing
My first attempt, after several reties of the monkey fist. Suggestion: find the centre of your cord, then "backtrack" 10 inches along the cord you're NOT using to make the monkey fist, and start the button knot there. I managed to get myself two almost even ends to use for the bracelet itself!

My first success from an Instructable - great work, people!
thanks for the tip, it really helped me, usually i have to work the long end of the cord back through the knot to make the ends even.
Do you have to have the skull bead? cause i don't really want a skull bead on my bracelet. all i want is para cord
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