Step 7: Dressing the knot

Picture of Dressing the knot
Dressing the knot (tightening) is the process of using the knot itself as a 'standing' or anchored end [clumpy bit], and taking the 'running' or working ends [dangly bits] and running them 'through' the knot.
With the marlin spike / pokey object, tighten the Fist accordingly. I made two or three of these before I got it right. This is where getting the knot centered on your piece of paracord is important; there's less waste, as well. Be careful not to stab yourself with the pokey object. You will really get to understand the knot dynamics as you tighten it.
I'm doing alright until this step, then my knot gets really messed up, any tips?
Unless you put something inside the knot to create some bulk, the knot is going to be a little messed up and not as nice as some of the larger monkey fists you will see. The whole idea to using this knot is to secure the bracelet.