Paracord Braclet





Introduction: Paracord Braclet

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Step 1: Melt Your 2 Lengths of Paracord Together

Step 2: Loop the Paracord Around the Clasp

Step 3: On the Next Clasp Take One Under and Up and the Other Over and Down the Clasp

Step 4: Take the Right String Over the 2 Cores and Take the Left Oneover the Right Under All and Throught the Right Strings Loop and Pull Tight

Step 5: The Side With the Loop Will Always Go Over the Core

Step 6: Repete Step 4 Till You Are All the Way Down to the Other Clasp

Step 7: Next Cut the Exess Cord Off and Melt It to the Braclet

Step 8: And You Are Done



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    Male and Female clip, length of cord flame,knife

    When i did the weave i took a cord the length of the bracelet and i took it under then over the middle weaves It is kinda hard to explain

    Can u list all material needed please

    Could you explain how you made the green & black (3rd one down) and the 3-colored (bottom) bracelets? Thanks!

    I got them on amazon.. Thanks for comment!

    Where did you buy the clips? Great Instructable! Thanks!