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Introduction: Paracord Braclet

This instructable will show you how to make a simple paracord bracelet.

Step 1: What You Will Need

For this paracord project, you will need about 7-8 feet of paracord. You may need more or less than that depending on the wrist size. You will also need a pair of scissors, a lighter, a buckle, and a ruler.

Step 2: Starting the Bracelet

To start off the bracelet, I melt the ends to prevent fraying during the rest of the making of the bracelet. I then put the 2 ends through the buckle with 1 bar on it.(Refer to Picture). This should make a loop. Pull the 2 open ends of the string thought the loop and pull tight.

Step 3: Making the Inside of the Bracelet

This step will be important to keep the bracelet together. Turn both parts of the buckle upside down. Bring the open ends of the string under the buckle with 2 openings and put it through the opening closest to the prongs on the buckle. (See Picture). Next, you will want to measure the bracelet to make sure it will fit on a wrist.

Step 4: Starting the Braid

First, take the left string and bring it under the 2 main strands that make the "backbone" so that it makes a loop on the left side. Then take the right string and put it under the left string and bring it over  the left string and throug the loop that is made on the left. Pull semi-tight. Now, repeat this step starting with the right side.

Step 5: Finishing It Off!!!

To end the bracelet, cut the excess off from both sides. You will then need to melt the little bit that is left of the excess. When you melt it, make sure you keep the flame from touching any of the paracord. Get the flame just close enough to start melting the excess. While it is still hot, I take the scissors and spread out the melted spot so that it doesn't scratch my skin when the bracelet is on my wrist. That is the end!!!

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thx this really helped! :)

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good way to start for a first-timer


Where do you buy the clips? Great Instructable! Thanks!

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have just finished my first paracord bracelet the first of many I reckon thanks for the instructable

All I need now is the paracord.

Thank you thank you thank you!!! Your instructable was very detailed and allowed me to finally learn the braiding part! Thank you!

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