This instructable will show you how to make a simple paracord bracelet.

Step 1: What You Will Need

For this paracord project, you will need about 7-8 feet of paracord. You may need more or less than that depending on the wrist size. You will also need a pair of scissors, a lighter, a buckle, and a ruler.
<p>Mine ended up curly.</p>
<p>thx this really helped! :)</p>
How do you take it apart to use the paracord?
<p>yay!!!!! super ez. thanx</p>
Easy to follow instructions. Thanks!
<p>thank you alot ,from Vietnam :v </p>
Great, I tried and works. Thanks for sharing, greatings
I didn't make a paracord bracelet but I made something I bit different. Still this helped a ton!
Got the paracord
I actually learned this from the paracord people the body looked the same as the bracelet so I tried it and it worked but I looked at your instructible and I worked
<p>Thank you for this instructable!</p>
why dont you make it so 13 yr old could understand it uhhh !
I'm 12 years old,but I'm understand it!<br>
Nice instructions! Thanks!
thanks for the tutorial!
good way to start for a first-timer
Where do you buy the clips? Great Instructable! Thanks!
i buy from either paracord place or paracord planet for my supplies. <br>
have just finished my first paracord bracelet the first of many I reckon thanks for the instructable
All I need now is the paracord.
Thank you thank you thank you!!! Your instructable was very detailed and allowed me to finally learn the braiding part! Thank you!
awesome man
This is really cool I have wanted to know how make these braclets.
Great Instructable!
Thank you! <br>

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