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Making a homemade paracord and branch bow is pretty straight forward and works good. It's a cool thing to make when camping or outdoors. Make sure never to point at anybody theses can shoot pretty hard. There pretty basic all you need is a good branch paracord some tape, and you cutting tools. You can make your own arrows for this or you could use regular arrows.

can get supplies here

Step 1: Supplies and Tools:

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camo duct tape




pocket knife

Step 2: Making:

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First your going to want to find a good branch to use for your bow. I found a good straight branch that was about 5 feet long.

Then you gonna wanna cut out notches for where your paracord sting is going to be tied around the branch.

Cutting this notch in the branch will make a groove for the paracord to lay so it doesn't slide off the branch.

Then you are going to want to tie a knot on the first end of the bow in the notch you cut out.

Then you wanna pull the paracord tight bending the banch and then tying down the end with your paracord give the the bow the bending form.

Then in the center of your bow your going to want to cut out a notch for your arrow rest.

I added camo duct tape to mine for support and looks.


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