Picture of Paracord Breacher Bar
Got my self a breacher bar and I wanted to wrap the handle with paracord
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Step 1: Gut It

Picture of Gut It
Step 1 was to remove the guts of the paracord. It's pretty easy just start pulling the white strings and work the cover off!

Step 2: Fuse It

Picture of Fuse It
I decided to use two colors so I melted one and stuck it in the other then melted them together with a lighter! The orange side is for when I want to be seen and the camo for when I don't!

Step 3: Wrap & Knot

Picture of Wrap & Knot
I just did a standard wrap that you see all over instructables and made the knot up as I went! I twisted the extra cord together and lightly melted together just for the heck of it! Hope you like it! Check out some of my other projects! petergottm
Petergottm (author) 1 year ago
To be honest I was just trying something it's easier to fuse them together. Also it's not useless the outer part of 550 paracord can still support 305lbs!
gavinc21 year ago
This is a cool instruct able but why gut the cord? That leaves it useless if needed.
Petergottm (author) 1 year ago
It's not a "breaker bar" it's a "breacher bar"! It's made for the military as a multi purpose tool. Check out this link for a better idea of what it is!
Lorddrake1 year ago
the only "breaker bar" i know of is used to get additional leverage on a socket. Since it doesn't look like that is what this is designed for since it is so short and there is no way to mount a socket onto it, I am curious what do you use yours for?