Step 16: Making the cracker

The last thing we will need to make things fully functional is the cracker.
It's the part of the whip that makes the actual noise.

This is a throw away part of your whip as it will wear with use.
When it becomes to damaged, just untie it,trash it  and make a new one .

To make it :

-    Take an arm length piece of your string
-    Fold it in half, then twist the two strands together as you did when making the guts.
-    Tie both strands in an overhand knot a few cm from the end
-    Fray the ends

Then tie it to the fall as pictured.

Spy_644 years ago
I have found that mosquito cord works exceptionally well for a cracker. Light weight, super strong, flexible and small diameter (1/16"). Its sheathed with nylon like paracord but has a twisted pair of very tough nylon string in the core.
super sonic abuse shakespere couldnt put it better