Paracord Camera Strap





Introduction: Paracord Camera Strap

Make an amazing paracord camera strap by following these simple steps.

Step 1: What You Will Need

1: Two 18ft lengths of paracord.
2: A lighter
3: Scissors or A knife
4: Two lanyard hooks
5: Two key rings

Step 2: The Ring

Attach the ring to the end of the strap with three feet of cord for the middle two lengths of cord. You will be weaving the longer lengths on the outside, so it will take patience. The braid is called the cobra weave.

Step 3: Continue the Cobra Weave

Continue the cobra weave until you have about three inches of the middle length left.

Step 4: Burn the Ends

Burn the ends together, thread through key rings, fold in half, then press down.

Step 5: Continue Cobra Weave

Continue the weave all the way down to the ring.

Step 6: Cut the Extra

Cut off the extra paracord.

Step 7: Melt and Secure the Cut Ends

Melt the area where you cut with your lighter.

Step 8: Attach Lanyard Hooks

Attach you lanyard hooks on to the key rings.



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How long of a camera strap will 18 feet of paracord make?

This is really sweet!! Thx for sharing :)

I love making stuff out of paracord. This is great!