Introduction: Paracord Cat Toy

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Step 1: Base

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Choose how many fingers long you want the toy and start wrapping
Wrap the cord around your hand about half a dozen times

Step 2:

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Remove the wrapped cord from your fingers

Step 3:

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Wrap the cord around the base until you reach the top

Step 4: Finishing

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First thread the cord through all the loops at the top
Then pull it tight and push the coil up to the top
Finally loop the cord back through one of the middle loops and pull tight

Step 5: Enjoy

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Jake Earles (author)2015-08-12


Oll Alex llO (author)2015-07-09

Do you think this would be a good toy for dogs if made a bit larger

tomatoskins (author)2015-04-05

Thanks for sharing! I'm sure that the paracord is really durrable for this!

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