Paracord Chain Sinnet Fast Deploy Boonie Hatband





Introduction: Paracord Chain Sinnet Fast Deploy Boonie Hatband

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This video will show how to add paracord to a boonie hat using a chain sinnet.  The paracord can be quickly removed for use if needed.

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    13 Discussions

    Great idea for have that length of paracord handy! Good job on the photos and text.

    A big crochet hook might be good to use for this; if I'm not mistaken, this is what my GF does to make a foundation chain in her crochet work.

    I think this is the first paracord project i did minus the hat , since a kid my dad taught us to do this to our Extension Cords ., and i did the same when i got some paracord some years ago .. kool !

    It was just a random tune from YouTube's AudioSwap, that was about the same length as the video. There are thousands of tunes and I couldn't find name the last time I looked...

    Just like mrmath said! Simple and effective! Nice work!

    Stomdrane,I find your site very inspiring,keep up the great work! I did this to my boonie about 5 years ago using camo.It has come in handy more than once while out camping,never thought to make an ible out of it.Thanks for taking care of that for me.Great job