Paracord Cobra Bracelet With Side Buckle




Introduction: Paracord Cobra Bracelet With Side Buckle

This is another version of the one I already made.
A very easy survival bracelet. 

(I know I didn't actually use Paracord in the Instructable but the other string works too)

This is an extreme way to make a bracelet because it could save your life. It's extreme because it's fashionable, easy to make, and can save your life all in one easy bracelet. 

The use on the survival bracelet is a way to carry lots of rope on your person so if you are in a survival situation and need rope don't be afraid to undo this that's what its for and you can always come back here to make it again. 

Please if you do end up making it i would love to see some pictures.

Step 1: What You Need!

Step 2: Measure!

Measure you wrist with the cord then add 1 cm for the best comfort.
I am 18 cm so i added 1 so its 19 cm

Step 3: Attach the Buckle

Step 4: Start Weaving!

Step 5: Your Done!



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