Paracord Desert Flower Medallion

Picture of Paracord Desert Flower Medallion
All creative souls,

I never thought working with paracord would be so much fun until today. It is proved over & over again and today that there is no creative inspiration source better than instructables, I love you .

Paracord projects always amazed me and I thought they are too difficult to work with but having seen here so many of them, few days back I finally decided to get my hands dirty and I am so glad that I did.

This project is a decorative flower, known as Desert Flower created to look like a medallion or pendant. It can be a lovely gift and can also be wore as a neck piece. Very unique.

Please don't get overwhelmed by so many number of steps, you will find them very easy to work with, step-by-step.

I tired to incorporate all my learnings into this instructable, some of them are very basic and I hope it will help beginners like me.

This is my first ever paracord project and I worked really hard to put this up as an instructable. I hope you will like it and vote for it.

Lets begin.
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Step 1: Stuff that you will need

Picture of Stuff that you will need
To make this paracord medallion, you would need the following:

  1. 1 paracord of 5 ft length of color of your choice (white in this ible)
  2. 1 paracord off 6 ft length of color of your choice (red in this ible)
  3. A sharp scissor.
  4. A cigarette lighter.
You can increase the length of the cords to make a bigger medallion.

elliemae61 made it!1 month ago

This is my version - designed to hang from rear view mirror or hook on to anything you want. Not quite the same as yours but yours was my inspiration!!

Tarun Upadhyaya (author)  elliemae611 month ago

Oh.. That is so cool, I loved it even though it is not the same but it is looking awesome. Please check your inbox :)

implode7071 month ago
Thank you! This will make a great gift!
14, 2:54 PM.jpg
Tarun Upadhyaya (author)  implode7071 month ago

Wow... your look just super awesome. I love the colors you chose. Thank you so much for sharing :)

elliemae611 month ago

nice project - going to try and make for hanging on your car rear view mirror. After all you never know when you can use some paracord in your car!!

Excellent instructions, very detailed and clear.

Tarun Upadhyaya (author)  elliemae611 month ago

Wow.. That is an excellent idea. Thank you so much for your kind words.

yoyopig2 months ago


Tarun Upadhyaya (author)  yoyopig2 months ago


yoyopig2 months ago


Tarun Upadhyaya (author)  yoyopig2 months ago

尽量使用图片,看看您是否能理解。 :)

yoyopig2 months ago

Can not read English。

Tarun Upadhyaya (author)  yoyopig2 months ago

I am so sorry :( I hope the pictures can help you.

Thank you for stopping by.

shazni2 months ago

That is lovely! I still haven't figured out what paracord is called here...must try once i do find it!. Paracoard stretchy? or doesn't it flex? Thanks!

Tarun Upadhyaya (author)  shazni2 months ago

Thank you so much Shazni :). I had the same problem finding it. Paracords have very little elasticity. Try finding it with name parachute cords at shops those sell macrame strings or similar stuff.

grrr212 months ago

Very well written & photographed. Good job.

Tarun Upadhyaya (author)  grrr212 months ago

Thank you so much :), I am glad you liked it.

Sonam Sawant2 months ago

pretty !! :)

Tarun Upadhyaya (author)  Sonam Sawant2 months ago

Thank you :]

antoniraj2 months ago

nicely done Tarun Upadhyaya

Tarun Upadhyaya (author)  antoniraj2 months ago

Thank you so much for your appreciations Sir. :)

watchmeflyy2 months ago

These look lovely! Your pictorial tutorial (rhymes.. heh) is really clear, so thanks for sharing.

Tarun Upadhyaya (author)  watchmeflyy2 months ago

Thank you so much for your appreciation. I am so glad you liked :).

It looks really nice!!

Tarun Upadhyaya (author)  emilyvanleemput2 months ago

Thank you so much Emily:)


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