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Tools needed-

133 ft of paracord

Paracord Parts- (feel free to change the colors)

3 ft black - nose
2 ft pink - tongue
1ft black - eye
1ft black - eye
2.5 ft brown - ear
2.5 ft brown - ear
12 ft brown - head
12 ft brown camo - head
12 ft brown camo - head

3x 6 ft brown camo
1x 6 ft brown

18 ft brown
18 ft brown camo
18 ft brown camo

7 ft brown

Step 1: Tying the Nose

With your 3 ft piece of black paracord, follow the images to create the nose. When finished,cut and singe the two big loops. Set aside for later.
I love it
That's really impressive good job:)
Wow! That's amazing great idea. :)
<p>Well you have been the one to do it. I made an account just to vote and like this so much. I now want to make one [maybe alter it a little bit so it looks more like a dachshund] for my wife's birthday.</p>
Thank you. More instructables will be on the way.
<p>That is awesome!</p><p>Congratulations on your first Instructable, now you've got your first subscriber. :) Keep making great how-tos like this one, and I promise it won't be the last!</p>
<p>Oh, I also voted! :)</p>

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