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Introduction: Paracord Dog Collar

This is a paracord dog collar I made our pitty mix Hope. My wife and I have a dog rescue Collin County Castaways so we have a lot of dogs in our house. We needed collars that would stand up to puppies chewing and rough play. No collars have lasted like this one.

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    I would like to make a chocker chain style dog collar. Is there an instructable for this?

    Any chance of seeing a step by step? I would love to make one of these myself.

    How did you tie in your d-ring and what size did you use? I'm going to make these type of collars for our new Cavalier puppy. Thanks for the help!!!!!

    I figured it out. It is a solomon bar or cobra weave. You tie two colors of paracord together, add a larks head knot to the clasp. Run it through the other one, and then weave as usual. You can also melt the two strings together