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Why not celebrate your manliness with mans best friend?! This instructable will show you how to make a tough and durable paracord dog leash for you and your 4-legged friend! Take your pooch hiking, camping, or just outside your house! This leash will hold up in the toughest terrains and in the worse weather, it is truly a great accessory for any outdoorsman, or man, in general! Enjoy
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Step 1: Get Some Paracord!!!!

Picture of Get Some Paracord!!!!
14, 2:04.jpg
14, 2:04.jpg
The first step in any paracord project, obviously, is to get some paracord :) Now, depending on how long you want your leash will determine how much paracord you need! For a regular cobra stitch, it is about a foot of cord for each inch of stitch, MINUS THE CORE, meaning that for a braided piece of paracord a foot long, you will need approximately 14 feet of cord, 12 for the actual braid, and 2 for the core (since there is usually 2 pieces in the middle). You can never be too careful using paracord, especially for larger projects, so ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use a couple feet extra for the bigger projects. Now, for the king cobra stitch, it's about a foot and a half per inch, since the braid is much larger, but you don't have to account for the core, so don't worry about that. My paracord leash used about 160 feet of cord, since it was a little over 6 feet long, with about a foot and a half of handle, and I did a king cobra stitch. I cut about 175 feet just to be safe, and it was a little too close for comfort. If your piece is too short, you have to start over, and that is not an option when you are braiding this much ;) LETS GET STARTED!!!!
*Above you will see the same type of spool I used, as well as a cobra, and king cobra stitch. For those who are new to paracord, see next step!
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ngriffin2 made it!5 days ago
I didn't have enough to do a double cobra down the length of it so I did the handle only. it works out it's for a lemon beagle anyway.
urbanmx25 days ago

I've made a few things with parachord and want to try a leash. Thank you. I had a laugh when I got to the end and...........well I thought your dog would be bigger.

Lincoln2751 month ago
Thanks, great instructable
Lincoln2751 month ago
Thanks, great instructable
Lincoln2751 month ago
Thanks, great instructable
Lincoln2751 month ago
Thanks, great instructable
Lincoln2751 month ago
Thanks, great instructable
cisto1 year ago

Thanks for the post. I'm interested in making some stuff with paracord, have seen a bunch of projects like yours I want to try. But your first step, Buy some paracord, has me stumped. Where is the best place to get some? I've seen little pieces of it for sale for kids at walmart, but other than that it's on line. Home Depot didn't even have it.

jbooher1 cisto2 months ago

tractor supply, in their rope section.

I buy my paracord at they have so much paracord in so many collars! For a great price!

Amazon sells it in many colors, so does any tactical or army surplus store. Hope this helps. :)

jbooher12 months ago

So you come back down w/the King Cobra using the same cord, correct?

I'm really, honestly, making this right now (neon pink). That's why I'm asking these types of questions. If I'm irritating you, just tell me and I will stop asking lol.

jbooher12 months ago

I'm lost :(

koalagod2 months ago

Really dig this! I adopted a dog (renamed him Boba Fett), and he pulls really hard during his leash training, I've been looking for a decent paracord leash and I just found it!

What diameter of paracord do you use for leashes?

paracord is usually measured in poundage not diameter. there are 3 common paracord pounds that is 125, 550, and 1000. 550 is the most common of the 3 to be used. so i am guessing 550 is the cord he used. 1000 pound is the stiffest of them all and has the least color combinations. so 550 is your best choice. and 550 is easy to find. Micheals craft store, jo-ann fabric, most hunting stores but where i get my cord it is decently priced is Menards. you can also easily find cord online.

tj.bohanan3 months ago
Can anyone tell me how much paracord i would need for a 2foot dog leash like this one

well if you are making a 2 foot dog leash then you would take the inches (24) and multiply by the a the by a foot so 24x1= 24 feet of cord. simple math. to be safe do 25 or 26 feet. so it you were to do a 6 foot leash you would multiply 6x12 that is 72 inches. 72x1 72 feet of cord. that is for the cobra stitch. for the king cobra do everything the same but multiply by 2 at the end. so a 2 foot leash would be 48 ft and a 6 ft leash would be 144ft but then you have to factor in the cord running down the middle which is what the stitch is stitched around. the cord would be going in the middle for both. so a 6ft leash would use about 150 (in this instructables case 160.) so you always want to have extra cord. so in conclusion for a 2 foot leash you want 26 feet in general and i would recommend adding 3-4 more feet and having to use 30 feet for a 2 foot leash.

evan.grimes905 months ago

This seems awesome and I want to make one for my Australian Cattle Dog but I'm trying to figure out how much I will need. I want to make two colors (black & orange, ORIOLES BABY!) but based on your assumption that for a King Cobra it is 1.5 feet per inch, your 6ft leash with a 1.5 ft handle (7.5ft total) comes out to be 90". So at 1.5 x 90 it comes out to be 135' of paracord needed. How did you come to 160' minimum?

JJ Johnson (author)  evan.grimes905 months ago
Those 'calculations' just assumptions... lol it never hurts to have too much on hand when doing a large project
SparkySolar5 months ago


SparkySolar5 months ago

Thank you for your Instructable

Nice job.


I use 9 times ( plus a but moe for safety) in Addition to the length of the leash

shelley.gilmore.79 made it!6 months ago

I absolutely love the leash I just finished making for my Amstaff! I used bright blue and orange! Made a matching collar also. Thanks for the pattern! :-)

JJ Johnson (author) 1 year ago
I didn't see you say 50", that should be enough
JJ Johnson (author) 1 year ago
That might be enough, and you would just fuse the ends and start weaving from the middle
JigMcFigg1 year ago

I just made a collar using the King Conra stitch, so I am going to make your leash. Just a quick question though. I want to use 2 colors, so if I have 2 80 ft long cords will that be enough to make it? I think so if I am doing a 50" leash, but how would I connect the two colors? Just end one, then backtrack over it with the other?

ffgrizzley1 year ago

Thanks again for this great project turned present. Just finished mine. Made it a little longer since the Dane will have some length on her and I figured they'd might like to get around behind her without stretching. Finished length ended up 71" clip to handle and 80" overall. I gave them a bigger handle so they could get out of it in an emergency. You were correct that 250' would be more than enough. Ended up using little more than 170'. Used a red, white and blue twist design that produced some interesting weave combinations. Tried uploading a pic but it seems to put them in the wrong place. Again, thank you for the guidance.

IrishGod1 year ago

so you said you used about 175 feet, did you only one piece of 550 cord or two? And if someone were to use two what would be the measurements?

boog58161 year ago
Thanks for the info. Was in the NAVY a lifetime ago brings back fond memories.

LOL, called "macnamara's Lace" in my day. (Viet Nam vet)

Part 2 when the clip wears out you can replace it quickly.
You could use a type of quick link so wh
2014 00:28.jpg2014 00:28.jpg
phoe1 year ago
nice idea, but our dog chews through paracord etc. like it's nothing - we need to use a steel lead :-}
JJ Johnson (author) 1 year ago
You guys can email me at
Squash1 year ago
Where do you get your clips? Great project.
very nice, my only suggestion use a stainless steel quick link at the end so when your clip wears out you don't have to make a new leash.
harley5871 year ago
This is great! We just acquired a doggie who was abused and this would make a nice leash for him. Thank you.
maxom1 year ago
You need a bigger dog for that leash....LOL
JJ Johnson (author) 1 year ago
250 is plenty.. And I just used the standard width
bangerang11 year ago
What paracord think ness did you use 3mm?
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