Picture of Paracord Dragons Tongue Bracelet

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DavidH274 months ago

Good tutorial! Thank you.

How much cord is needed for this project?

See my comment to dalton8804.

dalton88041 year ago
How much cord do I need

I used two pieces 60 inches (a little over 1,5 m) long to produce a bracelet 8.75 inches (about 22,25 cm) long.

Butt_Hurt215 months ago
kgsco made it!9 months ago

Great step-by-step pics! Turned out AWESOME! Thanks.

Ghostrider0691 made it!1 year ago

new design attempt. Would probably use different colors next time, but overall pretty easy to tie..

Averageglory made it!1 year ago

I made this, turned out really neat, and super easy to do it. Only thing is i found it difficult to guess amount of paracord to use.
Used 5.5m paracord. Had 2m and 20inches left and a 8inch bracelet (including 2inch buckle) thanks!

banderso1 year ago
McCoy... Best pic-tutorial of this knot that I have seen so far!!! I think that pics 26 and 27 are backwards, but you still get the gist... Great job... thanks for sharing!!!
Pumilio1 year ago
Quick question, where do you order your paracord?
You can get it at hobby lobby, amazon, army surplus stores
Chikpea1 year ago
Wow, awesome! I hope to make this!
cmm03211 year ago
Cool bracelet
McCoy Dones (author) 1 year ago
Online at paracord planet