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<p>I made it! I think my dad will love his fathers day gift.</p>
<p>Good tutorial! Thank you.</p>
How much cord is needed for this project?
<p>See my comment to dalton8804.</p>
How much cord do I need
<p>I used two pieces 60 inches (a little over 1,5 m) long to produce a bracelet 8.75 inches (about 22,25 cm) long.</p>
<p>Great step-by-step pics! Turned out AWESOME! Thanks.</p>
<p>new design attempt. Would probably use different colors next time, but overall pretty easy to tie..</p>
<p>I made this, turned out really neat, and super easy to do it. Only thing is i found it difficult to guess amount of paracord to use. <br>Used 5.5m paracord. Had 2m and 20inches left and a 8inch bracelet (including 2inch buckle) thanks!</p>
McCoy... Best pic-tutorial of this knot that I have seen so far!!! I think that pics 26 and 27 are backwards, but you still get the gist... Great job... thanks for sharing!!! <br>-b-
Quick question, where do you order your paracord?
You can get it at hobby lobby, amazon, army surplus stores
Wow, awesome! I hope to make this!
Cool bracelet
Online at paracord planet

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Bio: My name is McCoy and I love making paracord crafts
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