So this is my first intructable so it will be great to hear what you all think. I have put this together as I wanted a convenient place to carry a good length of paracord on my rucksac when out and about and decided a cover for my drinks bladder tube would be a great option as it not only carries a single piece 24 foot long but provided protection for the tube and some degree of insulation.

Its worth noting that the tube for my bladder detaches from the bladder itself this therefore makes it easy to feed the tube in to the rucksac with the cover in place, if yours does not detach it ill be worth checking if the tube will fit through any holes you have in the bag with the paranoid cover in place.

Step 1:

For this instructable you will need

24 foot of paracord (this covered 17inches of tube)
Scissors (or some other way of cutting the cord))
A lighter or matches to melt the ends
2 elastic bands
Drink bladder tube

<p>Thank you for sharing this idea!<br><br>Makes the tube look awesome! :)</p><p>Sorry for the bad image quality^^</p>
<p>Good idea to avoid the disgusting first sip caused by the sun heating the tube!</p>
<p>haha! I always dislike that first sip. ;) </p><p>Nice idea. :)</p>
<p>thanks, I am thinking that the black cord may absorb a fair bit of heat in the summer so may change to a lighter colour for this reason once its a bit warmer.</p>
Great idea. I didn't this to the bladder I use on my backpacking backpack for that (hopefully never)emergency while hiking.
<p>great job! this such a good idea thanks</p>

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