Step 4:

Now its time to start the weave, making sure you keep the first loops tight start a cobra weave, I will not go in to detail about how to do a cobra weave as their are countless other instructables that I am sure your have already followed. The first image shows the start of the weave and as ever its important to alternate the side to side.

Keep the weave tight by pushing the weave up towards the valve every now and then, as you start to get further in you will need to release some more cord from the bundles on each side.

Continue to do this until you have either used up all your cord or reached your desired length.
<p>Thank you for sharing this idea!<br><br>Makes the tube look awesome! :)</p><p>Sorry for the bad image quality^^</p>
<p>Good idea to avoid the disgusting first sip caused by the sun heating the tube!</p>
<p>haha! I always dislike that first sip. ;) </p><p>Nice idea. :)</p>
<p>thanks, I am thinking that the black cord may absorb a fair bit of heat in the summer so may change to a lighter colour for this reason once its a bit warmer.</p>
Great idea. I didn't this to the bladder I use on my backpacking backpack for that (hopefully never)emergency while hiking.
<p>great job! this such a good idea thanks</p>

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