Make an extension cord lock that releases easily. This is handy when connecting hand held portable tools that require an extension cord. It will keep the tool plug and cord socket tightly connected as you drag the extension cord and tool around.

Intro pic shows the cord lock in locked position.

Step 1: How It Works

The Problem
Small power tools like drills and saws often need an extension cord which tends to unplug when dragging it around. You could just tie the connected cords in a knot, but that tends to catch on things and it also fatigues the wire in the cords which leads to early failure of extension cord sockets and tool plugs. I have replaced countless sockets and plugs because the wire in the foot next to the connection has gone bad from too much bending.

The Solution
24 to 28 inches of Paracord are all you need to solidly connect any tool with an AC plug to an extension cord. Once set up, it can be easily connected or disconnected. The lock is streamlined, so it allows you to move the tool around without catching on things and accidentally disconnecting the extension cord.

Step 1 pic shows the way the cord lock is released.

<p>This looks very useful! Thanks!</p>
Love it!
You are a GENIUS! Simple, easy, and effective! BRAVO! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Or you can just tie the cords together then plug them into each other.
Sweet! That's an awesome idea, I'm so going to be doing that trick at work from now on. Thanks a bunch!!
Pretty cool idea. Prusik knots are pretty awesome things to know about and are very versatile. (Just a heads up, in step 3 you say 'robe' instead of 'rope.')<br><br>Cool instructable!
Not to mention that when you coil the cord you can use this to tie up the coil. Great Idea.

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